WoW – The First 24 Hours

So, yesterday I got bored and decided to try out the free 10 day trial of World of Warcraft. (Make that 10 million and 1, right?) Someone on one of the forums I go to had mentioned it, so I figured, why not?
Dear me.
Start the download around 7:30pm. By the time it’s time for me to leave for work (I work 11pm-7am), the download is near 25%. I leave my computer up while I’m off at work so it can finish.
Wait, did I say finish? I guess I did. When I get home at 7am, the download is at 97%. Well, not too bad. I wait for it to finish downloading, and at 7:30 start the install. At 8am I get to watch the intro movie.
And then the game decides it needs to download a 700mb patch. After it just downloaded the 3.16gig file. Fabulous. Thinking that this is starting to remind me of the ordeals I went through to get FlyFF to work in the past, I go to bed while the patch downloads.
When I wake up bright and early at 1:30pm (shut up, that’s really early for me). The patch is done and the game is ready to go! Yay!
Oh, wait, what? If you play WoW, then probably know what. There was a server check between 3am-11am PST. So I have to wait half an hour in order to play. But then I get to play! Yay!
After much debating and not having a clue what kind of character I should go with, I made a female Tauren warrior. Mainly because it seems I always use a warrior to feel out any new MMO that I play. (When in doubt, hit it and try to run away.) Anyhoo, my Tauren is cute and has spots and hits things with a big hammer. Sweet. Tauren are apparently really really tall (didn’t notice this until an elf or something ran by me). They remind me of the Ronso from FFX.
I played until about 7pm, and got to level 8. I’m having a pretty good time so far, so I hope the game keeps a hold on my interests.
Now my big cow butt has to go get ready for work.

PS: Is it possible to take screencaps in WoW? And if so, uh… how?

6 thoughts on “WoW – The First 24 Hours”

  1. I’m gonna try WoW someday in summer when I’m sure I’ll have a lot of free time
    That way I can play as much as I can
    Lol, but I’m never going to actually buy the game! XD

  2. I would try WoW, but I don’t want to get hooked and start spending money on it. Although, when I think about it, I COULD get my bf to play that with me.

    Do they have it for Mac?

  3. Press the [Print Screen/Sys Rq] button. on a normal keyboard, it is to the right from the [F12], and above the [Insert] button

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