Returning to Maplestory?

I’m back home.. er, to Maplestory that is. I haven’t logged on to my account for over 7 months, not because i wanted to.. because of a international barrier. I was studying overseas for a bit and apparently, you’re not allowed to go on GMS if you’re not within the states.. or just the country i was at!

I come back to my nekked character.. no, naked would’ve been MUCH better! It was hideous! I could see it’s zhelm and unattractive medieval clothes. I went on attempting to play but damn, nx seemed so tempting to purchase. So i avoided playing ms for about a week or so, but then i came around to it. The second thing i noticed was that i had nobody on my buddylist active. I felt 80 and all my friends past away, lol. Not only that! I was far beyond technology.. I left ms at lvl 122, right before the 4th job patch.. (Yeh, just my luck). Everyone now are level 150+. It’s irritating >_>!! Only because i grinded my character to 122 in 2 months or less and i wanted to get to 13x before the patch :/ I guess it’s just frustrating seeing my little guy stuck at puberty and not knowing what to do, while all the big boys are going out partying. with GIRLS. lol. >_>;; By now, i wanted to be 16x.

Less motivating than before, i had great pals to train with. Some i lost due to jealousy of other newly made training buddies and level way too fast for them to keep up. But that’s silly! It’s still a shame. But anyways, now i’m still the same level bishop, trying to find how the heck i’m going to attain Genesis and Resurrection skills. I don’t even have anyone to train with no more .. sulks. I don’t even have a guild! lol

Everyday i run into people who keeps on sympathizing or mocking me for not having such skills..:

(So would i, do they know how much it cost and random? >_> )

“Do you have Resurrection? What? So technically you’re just a high level priest”
(7 months ago, that was a good thing JAJAJAJAJA..)

“How sad, this bishop didn’t do his 4th job quest yet..”
( kinda made me laugh)

After spending sooo much time in maplestory (even drawing that 2nd Aniversary poster event..!!! that took me a pretty long time! considering it’s size!! ) i’m considered average level. Average. Bah! I think i’m just more upset about not having a pet. *Presses for Mp heal*

Not to worry! i usually find friends easily :/
..or go study abroad
……..or make friends easily =D

7 thoughts on “Returning to Maplestory?”

  1. ROFL, “This Bishop hasn’t even done his 4th job quest yet.” =P

    Dumdum. =X

    Anyway, good blog.

  2. Oh, I’m also returning to Maplestory after 7 monthes. In fact, I’m downloading it right now.

  3. Nexon! Nexon! Nexon! Nexon! *pulls out “Vote Nexon ’08 election” poster*


  4. Ah. I remember there was a lvl 80 Bishop in my guild. He got massively rolledback; at least you didn’t have to play all 40 levels back to fourth job. XD

    Oh, and try spending three years and still being below average all the way. ;D

  5. That would suck, you just got 4th job. Sever check kicks you out. You come back a few hours later and see that you’re lvl 80. . . Another jaw dropping experience.


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