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Now that I’ve got your attention…

Hello everyone! I’m Owl!




Arise my fellow owls! Together, we will CONQUER!

Anyways, I’m going to try my hand at writing. Er, typing.

P.S. – I’m a nub. So be nice and say it “Rox my Sox

So…this is a nubby story about the Owl of Minerva that comes to life! OMGHAXXOR!

Chapter 1 – The New Creature

There once was a great big tree. And in that tree, there were some … creatures. There were Crows, and there were Tweeters. There were even Gryphons. But what was really strange, was that there was an Owl of Minerva nestled in the center. What it was doing there, nobody knew.

One day, an Electrophant accidentally let out a spark and it jumped up the tree stump and into the Owl of Minerva. The owl shuddered for a few seconds and then became still.

Suddenly, one of its eyes blinked. Then the other. The owl was alive! The owl slowly craned its neck around, taking its first real view of the surrounding.

Wow. It’s so beautiful.

The owl flapped its wings in happiness, and did a little dance. A Tweeter flew by, noticed the owl moving about, crashed into a branch.

“Oww. That hurt,” whined the Tweeter. “Say, you’re that owl that never moved! The last time I checked, your whole body was really hard. Now it looks like it’s….fluffy like it’s real feathers. My name’s Pip. What’s yours?” asked Pip heartily.

“Uhh…my name? I-I don’t think I have one…” stammered the owl.

“You don’t have one? Everybody needs a name. Come on! Let’s visit Timer the owl! He’s really smart!” said Pip.

With that, Pip dragged the owl to the edge of the branch.

“Okay, first test. Flight. By flight, we should reach Timer’s tree in 5 minutes, unless you want to walk on your shabby legs, which will probably take more than an hour.” explained Pip.

The owl peered over the edge, and seeing how high he was, sat down and said, “Oh, no way. We are waaaaay to high. What if I fall? I’m going to die! Nope. I’m going to stay here whether you like it or not.”

” . . . I don’t have time for this! Timer is a very busy owl!” said Pip as he quickly shoved the owl off the branch.


Pip flew down after the owl, seeing if the owl had enough confidence to try to fly.

“Come on! Flap your wings! Hurry or you’ll fall to your death!” warned Pip.

The owl strained to level itself and then flapped its wings as hard as it could. No matter how hard the owl tried, it was still falling. With one last pump from its wings, the owl managed to slow down the speed of it falling, and after continually flapping several more time in confidence, it gradually gained some height.

“Good job! Now, onward to Timer’s tree!

So? How was that? Pretty crappy, huh?

It’s a bit short, but it’ll be longer next time.

Pic 1, the pic that doesn’t show when you click the blog (at least on my computer) but shows on the front page, is the main character. Pic 2 is Timer. [a real boss in Korea and JapanMS] Pic 3 is allegdly the real Olcadan.

Yes, I know you are.

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