Training Motivation.


So.. yah.. “Training Motivation” is something that most of us, Maplers, loose during our gaming experience. As jooh guys know, I’m just lv 74. O.O;;;; And I have been playing Maple for ’bout 1yr. But well… I had my quitting moments. Anyway, for some reason, every time I log on Maple Story I tend not to start training. DX. Uhhh… actually, I really enjoy chatting with my friends A LOT, BY THE WAY, Maple is not only for training… It’s also to spend FUN time with yer friends. <3 But well, we all want to keep lving UP and of course get stronger[]. LAWL. I wanna be able kill stronger monsters like Zakum or Pianus. C: . ’cause… jooh know, it gets boring in a while killing the same effing monster. O.O;;;;;. Anyway…. I lost my training motivation, ROFL, but sometimes I think that I’m having even MORE FUN chatting with my friends. XD. Euhm.. but jooh know, I sometimes really wanna lvl up. D; . Also, training alone ish boring. O.O . LOOOOOL.lolol~~ I just remember this one time when I was training at griffins[], so yah… jooh know, those things keep on flying and following jooh all the way ’round, and for some random reason, I fell asleep. O.O;;;; . and NO, I didn’t die [LUCKY]. I just noticed that every time I try to train… I start to get sleepy. XDDD. I know that I’m not the only one a’ight?. Have jooh?. It’s a pain in the ass to know that I can’t train ’cause I can die. XDD. ROFL.

Anyway.. I didn’t play MS so much today… I just went on for a couple of mins. O.O;;;; . Why?, ’cause I went to a Chinese New Year Parade, here in Los Angeles. It was fun though… C: . Did anyone went today too?. Euhm, It was at Valley Blvd. o.o”. LOL. I just wonder… If every kid I saw there ish someone who plays MS too. XD . Interesting. LOL. And I received a FREE $2 gift card from McDonald’s. XDD.FREEEEeeeehhh… ROFL. Some games were pretty lame. O.O;; But we won some plushes. XD. Ahhhhhhhhhh, If jooh ever see meh ’round, say “Hi” to meh. X3 . I’ll be so HAPPY. ROFL. c: Bleh… I swear. o.o If I ever meet someone from Maple Story, It’ll be FUN. XD . [impossible. o.o]. I sound like… lonely. ROFL. Ish true though.. >___>; Every time I come here to LA, I have no friends. XDDD . ROFL. Kinda LAME. >x<; And if I meet someone… ish never my age. o.o;;;, meaning, we dun have much to talk ’bout… ROFL. Anyway, how ’bout jooh?. O.O Do jooh know someone from MS in rl?. Have jooh ever lost yer training motivation?. or what is the first thing jooh do when jooh log on MS?. <3


EDIT; O.O;;;
Sowwy, I was in a hurry. ROFL. <3

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  1. My eyes: OMGWTCBBQRANCH! So much text grouped together, can’t read, jumping from line to line. AHHHHHHHHH!

    Yesh. Paragraphs pl0x? Make it easier on my delicate eyes?

  2. Agreeing with Dreamemblem. x_x

    The first thing I do when I log onto MS is usually say hi to all my friends. I lose training motivation at least once a week, and when I’ve just about run out of training motivation overall is when I decide to take a short break from MS usually. Eventually I see my friends playing at their own house when I go over, and I’m all: “Darn it! I’m only <level>, how’d you get so high? Man, I wanna train!” (Obviously this also answers the question about knowing IRL people who play MS)

  3. Oh, boy do I know people IRL over Maple. I met some people in the school computer lab, still am in contact with one *coughs*Imppala*coughs*.
    I’ve gone out on a Mad Art Supplies Shopping Spree with my guild leader, Eona. I still don’t know her real life name.

    Motivation for levelling? What levelling. >.> *has been lvl 93 since December*

  4. Haa, I know what you mean with the lack of training motivation, and I’m only level 34. *sigh* I tend to go to Channel 1 HHG and freak out random people.

    Chinese New Year! I always miss the parade. ;-;

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