More Cushion for the Pushin’.

I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight, seeing as how I have finals to study for.

I, personally, have not been paying attention to the presidential debates and such. However, I’ve noticed that people on Maple Story have been talking about it. This isn’t really a good thing, not in my opinion, at least. The things that come out of their chat bubbles really bring out their fatuity because most of it, if not all, is rubbish.

“Obama’s black. Vote/don’t vote for him.”
“Clinton’s a woman. Vote/don’t vote for her.”
“Obama’s more inspiring. I read it on Yahoo! when I opened Firefox earlier!”
“Hilary Clinton cried! Wait, Hillary’s spelled with TWO L’s?”
“Obama’s middle name is Hussein. His first name rhymes with Osama. His last name rhymes with Iraq. DON’T VOTE. TERRORIST IN DISGUISE ZOMGBBQXXXXX!”

Yes, I’ve been aware of these things OUTSIDE of Maple because I’ve been hearing about them at school. The point that I’d like to make is that people on Maple lie about their age. I’m personally fine with that. I’ve done that before in the past to prevent flames and arguments. However, if you’re goign to lie about your age by saying you’re old enough (and mature enough) to vote, at least make some specifications before shouting out bullsh-t such as the ones listed. If you’re going to talk about the presidential debates, at least pay attention to it (using a reliable source, not those pop-culture magazines/articles*). This, strictly applies for Maple Story because most people in the game make it quite obvious that they want to be better than everybody else and they’ll do it in any possible way. These ways include but are not limited to: comedy, general knowledge, cultural knowledge, and advocacy. I won’t explain each of them because I feel that I don’t need to, because it’s all natural. They’re things that you (if you haven’t yet) must figure out on your own.

Back to my topic. Maplers often think that they have ALL those characteristics when they really don’t, which resort them to start acting like complete idiots, oblivious to the fact that they’re doing so.

Old news. Yeah, most people aren’t Bush-fans. I’m not, but it isn’t because of the way the media portrays him. I’ll give him a ton of credit for the things he’s had to deal with and all the bashing he’s been receiving (whether he deserves it or not). Still, the inanity of most Maplers really piss me off when they say things about Bush that they really know nothing of. Especially when the ACT like they know. “HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED, BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Okay, first of all, his terms almost over, so for all those idiots that are still saying, “IMPEACH!” just shut the hell up. Also, if you know people that don’t know why everyone hates Bush but hates them anyway (bandwagon and whatnot), just tell them to shut up or “GTFO”. I’m pretty sure that’s the hip thing to say, nowadays…

Anyway, I think I should wrap it up.

Just FYI.
I have not had my fair share in participation for the presidential debates. Quite frankly, I barely know a thing or two about it, so feel free to leave some constructive criticism. I’d really appreciate that.

Oh, and the title was to match my picture because I honestly couldn’t think of a clever one. I’m sorry about that. OH, AND I’M SORRY IF THIS ISN’T RELATED TO MMO’S ENOUGH. Like most of my blogs, it was just another thing that was on my mind.

*I enjoy reading these, so don’t tell me I hate them, because I don’t.

11 thoughts on “More Cushion for the Pushin’.”

  1. Hm.

    This blog made me realize I need to read up on what’s going on with the presidential debates and such. I’m a voter and usually vote Democrat, but I don’t like doing so blindly.

    On a lighter note, my mom (crazy religious woman) sent me this email about how Obama is of muslim background and a -GASP- terrorism related person! Oh, my. And he’s also black. o_o; My mom’s too ‘tarded. Seriously. Knowing what kind of person she is, she’ll probably root for Clinton ‘cuz she’s a woman.

    Personally, I tend not to get swayed by ingnorant, mass-appealing BS. I like knowing my stuff first. So. Onto the presidential cloud I go. ~.~;

    Good luck on finals, by the way.

  2. The last time I watched a presidential debate was when I had to D: (which was . . . take a guess . . . NEVER!)

    Just read the summary a day later on MSN, Yahoo, Fox, etc., depending on your preference of a biased liberal or a biased conservative.

    Or just do what I do and pay no attention to politics at all. Never payed attention in U.S. Government freshman year, it was just as interesting as watching paint dry. I got some homework done in that class, I’ll tell you . . . somehow passed it with a B?

    I’ll never vote, either. Because as soon as I have enough money and finish college, Brazil here I come!

  3. Aw, you’re not going to visit me and my pond?

    I wonder who’s going to win? I wonder if there’ll be chaos and destruction of Hillary wins? I wonder if I will stop wondering? I wonder how many wonderings I will wonder? I wonder how many “wonderings” I have been wondering so far? I wonder if I twisted my tongue? I wo-



  4. “You know, the Americans have done it again. Dumping nuclear waste and whatnot on Herb Town. If you want these atrocities to be stopped, VOTE BARRACK OBAMA!”

  5. Metrolink said: “”You know, the Americans have done it again. Dumping nuclear waste and whatnot on Herb Town. If you want these atrocities to be stopped, VOTE BARRACK OBAMA!””

    Was that an Smega? o_o;

  6. Dest1 said: “You spelled Barack wrong.


    Exactly my point, Dest.

    Oh, and Vicelin, I’m not sure if it was a Smega or not. My friend told it to me for a laugh.

  7. Hilary clintion wants more iraqis and iranians dead
    Huckabee was alright, until i found out he was evangelical. ew! and what a waste of Chuck Norris’ efforts backing this hillbilly
    Obaba, “, president of Canada, ” does that display dangerous stupidity? other than that hes cool
    Rudy guilani: republican. i HATE republicans.
    ugly guy that looks like an Italian mob boss, you know the onw who has bags under his eyes and looked especially ugly and creepy at the republican CNN Youtube debate, if he wind i just know something really bad’s gonna happen,

    and the others, i don’t know or trust them anyway. Im actually disappointed with all the presidential candidates to be honest. looks like another equivalent to bush or nixon is on the way. that’s my opinion. Wake up america, you only get to choose from a list of fresh dumb guys or religious pro-war maniacs to be the puppet for the next 4-8 years >.<

  8. sorry for double posting: and im sure none of them will care about the health care problems or other problems inside america

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