Level 68 D=

Back again, why does Maple Story do this to me @_@, i’m now continuing my ice/lightning mage, which I’ve quited roughly
4 times, level 68 now and maze pq is such a drag, getting like 11% per hour(2min pq’s ftl) i don’t know if i can make it to third job, the only major good thing was getting some more nx cash and getting whored by chicks. Apart from that i’m debating to whether or not i should make it to third job, or to quit. My friends are all awesome and the majority of Khaini players are pretty cool. ^^

P.S add me in game if you want, i need some mates =(ckLmage)

2 thoughts on “Level 68 D=”

  1. ahh well good luck to finding some friends in khaini eh? =D

    depends really, if u get to 3rd job,, wut then?


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