Still Alive

Heya hiya. Yeah, I’m still alive and back to playing MS after a forever and a half long hiatus when my laptop didn’t work. So I ended up getting a new laptop and downloading MS on to my desktop. XD

I’m still in Scania most of the time leveling on my Sin, though I do skip out and play in Khaini every once in a blue moon. Gotta love the cleric. XD
I don’t really understand the Trading thingy for NX, but whatevers. Speaking of, Note to self: go to Target since I have gift cards.

Like a bunch (or at least like Liyah) I graduated this year too so during school it was pretty hectic and I didn’t play. I just got back from vacation in Colorado with my dad and little brother (who is awesome by the way). Art school starts in September so I have a little bit of time off in between searching for a full time job ’cause my current one won’t pay for the gas going to and from college.

Anywho. If anyone wants to look me up I’m still Alleymon in Scania, Alleywolf in Khaini, and alley_wolf AT NOSPAM on MSN.

Later gators.

Edit: Okay. All these server checks are lame (well, not lame, but annoying). >< ‘Cause they’re happening when I’m able to play. XD

14 thoughts on “Still Alive”

  1. Art school? Which one? There’s like, 500 frillion gazillion billion. Hope you picked one that doesn’t suck D:

  2. Zhlink said: “From the title, I thought you were refering to the Portal game.”

    Gimme some cake please.

  3. You are still alive like GLaDoS.


    The cake may be a lie, but the companion cube is forever. <3

  4. That cube? I incinerated it ASAP. Didn’t even think twice.
    : D
    It’s just a diabolical cube with artificial hearts sewn all over it, waht can I say?

  5. Vice- I’m headed for The Art Institute of Cincinnati. It’s a pretty cool 2 year school.
    Aaron- Nah ah. I just keep missing you with work and everything. ><;

  6. Ah. Have fun at a 2-year. I had the option of going to the AI of PA, which had just been changed to a 2-year . . . but I turned it down. Two years just goes by way too quick for me. I need more time :3

    I’d like to see your art though~

    Edit: Err, nevermind. I think I found it?

  7. Yeah, I’m still alive

    Well thats good I’m glad I’m still alive, Well, technically I’m not, Well, props to you and your, Liveliness

  8. Vice- I kinda agree. 2 years’ll go by waaay fast but I figure if I want to go back to school again after that I still can. And you can find some of my other art at & (<-that’s the one I use now)

    Aaron- Sorries! I shall try and get on tonight asap when I get home. OnO

  9. Zhlink said: “That cube? I incinerated it ASAP. Didn’t even think twice.
    : D
    It’s just a diabolical cube with artificial hearts sewn all over it, waht can I say?”

    That cube was literally my best friend when I played Portal. T.T

    ALLEY. Hello. How is everyone doing?!

  10. Pirkid- I have no idea what cube you all are talking about. XD But I’m fine.

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