I said I would make a blog, so I’m making a blog. If I didn’t say it then I meant to say it. I’ve been playing Talisman Online alot. I’m more than half way to the max level which is 60. I’m currently level 32. It’s pretty awesome. I would probably be in the 40s by now, but nobody will train with me and so I just sat there for like 2 weeks and haven’t leveled.


I finally decided to move and do a A -.-

Did I tell you I own my own guild finally? Yes. Oh, by the way, here is some random picture of me fighting a thing...

You guys should sign up and join my guild.

Well, time to get to the interesting part and this is NOT made up.

I’m going to call this the story of the

Bandit Chief and his Evil Kitty Minions

Well, like any normal day I was riding my tiger down a path out of my boredum. All of a sudden an evil kitty bit onto my leg and the bandit chief pushed me off my tiger and hijacked it. I had to do a quest to get my tiger back. It sucked.

The end

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