My last two days. . . were totally awesome. I play a game called Talisman Online and it is so much fun. I am level 14 currently. It’s pretty grindy, but it’s really fun. By the end of this month i should be level 60. Or at least the end of next month. Well, probably sometimes in July. I’m trying to stay away from it and not try to be addicted like I was the first two days. Like get outside more ya know?

Well, Talisman Online is awesome. I am a level 14. My class is a monk which is basically a warrior. I have this awesome weapon and it’s a shovel. It doesn’t look like one though. You don’t need to buy items from the cash shop to be really good. A lot of people in the game don’t even use the cash shop. You just need skill. Oh, well, you know how I said it was grindy? It’s not. It’s basically quest based. For the first 5 levels you should train on monsters, but from there you should do quests. If you are level ten and you can’t find quest to do you are pretty much dead.

Very fun. You should join me.

It’s a lot like world of warcraft, but worse graphics and less stuff. But, it’s really fun.

You guys should come join me.

Me at level 1. Oh, btw, the thing on my back is called a shovel. It’s a something something shovel. I forget the name. Mewhen i was level 1. Good times. Even though it was yesterday.

Photobucket is being bleh, so i cant show you me at level 14 in a guild .

Well, hey im in a guild.

I own.

Come play with me.


Oh right I have 8 gold 20 silver and something copper right now

Come play with me >:0

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  1. Sounds like a regular MMORPG.

    I should join just to add it to my “game’s played” list. ^^

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