Please Try Again

Humph. I hate my internet now…
It’s EVIL!!!
Onto the Blog!

I’m usually an MapleStory player. Who likes to play MS. Who constantly dedicates himself to leveling. Who is not an addict and does not play for more than 3 hours at a time! And who has recently gotten bored of MS. Yeah…Anyways, I decided to try out another MMORPG!! Hurray! Which one was it?
Go to link and search up Gunz. I’m sure You’ll find it. I had only heard a few things about Gunz, but it was all I needed to know.

1st: It’s an MMORPG.
2nd: It has Guns! And swords! And daggas!
3rd: Full screen.

Okay, so I went to the Gunz site, but then came to a fork. Do I go International version or North American version? Screw it, I’ll go with the first one. So I downloaded the client, installed Gunz, and started it up. Where it promptly made me download a mass of files for a long time. Okay, I can deal with that. So I went on MMOT, looked around, then looked back at the client. 8.05%…great job. So I went to sleep, woke up, went to school, came back, then hopped back onto my computer, only to find…

IT WAS FROZEN!!! Sheesh…at 91.56% too. What a waste of time. So I closed it, uninstalled it, and went straight to the North American version.

Hurray! I clicked on the ‘File Download” Thing and installed it. W00t!! Time to play!!
If only it were so.
Turned out, I had to download another thing, and then another Xfire thingy. Meh, so much stuff! Maple was so much easier to install. But finally, I had everything down (after making my account and stuff). It was time to play! Opening the client, it turned to full-screen mode. I was heck of excited!! I wonder what it’ll be like? I’m such a newb! And…

Hurray! My client…WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? HOW!! It just exited. So I started it up again, only for it to say “Gameguard is already running *insert other text here*”. what! It wasn’t running. I repeated the process 5 times before logging out of my computer, logging back in, and tried again. This time it was different.

Only in a bad way…I got the blue screen of death (I didn’t know my new computer still had it) and automatically restarted. Why’d I get the blue screen of death? I dunno. W/e. Anyways, I started everything up, launched the client, and hoped it would work.

Good for me, it did!! W00pie. I made a character in Quest (server?) 5. He was I think the 4th type. Anyways, at first I had no idea how to get out of this ‘observation mode’. Then I figured out that I had to wait. Ugh. Well, after 10 minutes, I finally got to see my character in action! Ya! Only he was a severe noob. Hhhhhuuurrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyy!!! Noobiness ftw! I then proceeded to die thrice. One getting stabbed, one getting machine gunned (they have machine guns?), and one by getting headshotted point blank (rofl). Well, at least I got that guy who stabbed me to 3/4 health! Hey, pretty good for a first timer, eh? After which, I got to log out to help my mom and confront my pile of homework. What a great way to use my time…

In other words, I’m lvl 65 in MS w/ my bandit at 57% I should get to 3rd job by June!

5 thoughts on “Please Try Again”

  1. Good luck getting to 3rd job!
    Currently working my butt off to get there toooo. T___T

    <3 Stephy

  2. Gunz is no longer fun for me. I played about 3 years ago before NaGunz came out. Then I moved to JGunz. Anyway back then only a handful of people knew hot to bfly and kstyle. I was one of those people. Now everyone kstyles and its no longer fun.

  3. lol I played GunZ , everyone was lagging execpt noob me. . . And pros

    Guess who won in a gun fight. . . . .?


  4. It doesnt matter what server you make your char in, he will show up in all, and if you want to play Ijji gunZ i can show you around

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