Sorry guys. I hope you know what Exodus means.

Hint said: “Look up Exodus in the Bible or Dictionary.”

I know, it’s sad that I’m going to leave. But fear not, for this exodus will only be temporary.

As for how long . . .

Well, quite frankly, I hate to say this . . .

But I’m heading South.




Sorry if you hate this blog. But hey, at least all those people who hate me can finally like one of my blogs!

What’s really disappointing is that I leave just when I don’t want to. Just the day right before Combat Arms Open Beta starts. Right when I’m still a Tespian tester that still d/c’s. Even if they extend it for a month, I won’t be able to take advantage of it. And right when I get invited for a beach party, but am forced to decline. Bleh.

Well, Toodles!


P.S. Somebody force Cheeze to tell us how he does those faces without them actually turning into smilies: :O xD :P

Edit: Somebody Cheeze’d up my smilies. They don’t work.

11 thoughts on “Exodus”

  1. iPod said: “how he does those faces without them actually turning into smilies”

    very carefully :D

  2. Lol, Ganzicus figured him out a couple months ago 😮

    (Pssst, quote my comment :P)

  3. No, you guys keep it to yourselves! We are a secret clan, and our methods shant be released to the public! You’re letting normies in on our ways. >:[

  4. Reve said: “I wan clan plox

    Well, you just failed the test.

    LordHobo can join ‘cuz he’s figured it out, and uh, I think he’s been here for a while. I remember him being around in the good ol’ days, so yeah.

  5. LOL

    u guys are lame!

    and my sisters goin down south for 5 weeks too!



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