Tespia v2

Prodigy wrote an awesome blog about the Tespia server, you all should go check it out if you haven’t already.

This is just a little summary of the Tespia Test server which came out a couple weeks or so ago.

One of the things that has been crazy about Tespia is the fact that there is no level cap for any of the PQ’s. I’m kind of irritated by this. It’s like GW testing Mallyx and DoA. The Dev’s used hacks and 999 damage modifiers when they tested the content, and when they didn’t use hacks, they tested portions of DoA and not the entire, long, totally overpowered quest line. As a result, GWer’s have been having a lot of problems defeating Mallyx and DoA.
That’s how I feel about the PQ’s.

This is a test server and we need to be testing the content, but how can we do that if we’re using totally overpowered characters (I’ve not seen one 3rd jobber in Monster Carnival yet, all 4th) Carnival was fun, but I don’t know if it will be any good for a 2nd job character. (Level Limits are, I believe, are somewhere around LPQ, 30ish-50ish) But when no-one wants anybody of a low-level, then its impossible to test to see if it will be alright.

FYI: I love Carnival PQ, I’m totally gunna be starting a ton of low-level characters just to try it out a million different ways.

I Figure everyone knows this already but Nexon has been keeping with their game philosophy of showing no signs of GM’s anywhere. Events? Nah, we’ll just give them free NX, this isn’t a special occasion or anything worthy of a GM event.

btw: Free NX = secks

To the people thinking that this is all great and wonderful, it is. But when you oogle and awe over Ilbis being 1mil, it’s not that difficult to go find your own. I killed 5 Spirit Vikings and got one, not saying this will happen every time but its insanely easy to get Ilbis. The things that sell for alot are scrolls and mastery books. I bought a Brandish 30 for 30mil. Might have been overpriced, but it doesn’t matter. 1.5 Hours of training at Himes (which give me 38k exp each with 2x Exp) will get me another 30mil. Krus/Captains in Herb Town are about as godly. 10mil an hour easy. You would max out the stock WARRIOR equip inventory in about 10-20 min. If that.

The classic motto, “Money is no object” finally has meaning in MS

Oh, did I mention that everyone on Tespia is so noobish that we haven’t even killed Zakum yet? Rofl. That’s right. No Zak has been downed yet. And Nexon wants us to kill Horntail. Yeah. GL with that.

We need heffer, f3

Am I complaining about Tespia? Never. It is way too fun. But there are things within Tespia that should have been otherwise if Nexon wanted a true testing. I don’t know when Tespia is going to end, but I’m guessing it’s sometime around the 3/18 Patch. Wth Nexon, HT? Zak? In one week? Right.

Anywhoo, It’s fun, but temporary. All the testers know that, and are all secretly hoping that Nexon will decide to let us all keep our characters to add a foundation for Tespia, so Kradia doesn’t happen all over again.

IGN: Bloke
Job: Hero
Level: 162

Weapon: 107/3 Beheader (2 slots)
Helmet: 4 Str Dark Grace Helm (Clean)
Glove: Dark Emperor (Clean Average)
Overall: 14 Dex Blue Chainmail
Shoe: Red River Boots (Clean Average)
Cape: Goblin Cape (Clean, Average)
Earring: 2 Dex Single Earring (4 Slots)

6 thoughts on “Tespia v2”

  1. Well. MSEA has downed HT a gabizillion times, judging from the blue text that keeps popping up on the occasions that I log in. Bet JMS etc. did it a thousand times more than a gabizillion.

    And they created an entire new server to test HT in Global? *ne comprends pas*

  2. Lol, I didn’t even pay attention to the Tespia selecting. I was like, “Oh wonderful, Tespia, ” *doesn’t care and goes back to HW.* F3.

  3. The reason why nobody’s had a successful run, (although I’d thought that someone had organized a good one), is because everyone has either 1)never gone on any sort of ZRun, or 2)is used to someone else organizing, getting things together.

    I’m planning on organizing a good run, and making sure that all the people that are going know what to do.

    After that, I’m sure that the runs will start pouring in.


    Then it’s off to HT. Although even at 162, it’s intense even with just the left head at you.


    But until then, I’m sticking to getting all my good skills first.


    The run I’ll be organizing will, hopefully, take place this weekend or sometime next week, (my Spring Break).

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