That my friend is what we in the buisness call a
“Attention Grabbing Header”

I’m sure when you saw “CRAB BATTLE” you were like.

“Crab Battle?”

Thats Crab Battle.

Alright, moving on to the BLOG!

*Epic Music*

Alright! ALOT has happened these past few days in Perfect World.
So let’s start from square….


Ok just one.

Maybe 3?

You know, I consider myself the Lord Sheogorath of MMOTales.


See, I called Dibs on the title.


In your face Cheeze.

Alright, back on track.

Today we had.. a

PK (Player-Kill) WARRRR!!!

Actually, 5 of them.

In the end, my guild won 4, and we lost the final one.
The guild we fought were Espada, Legacy, and Immortal.

Oh, the battle at “Lake of Weeping” was a victory indeed!

Picture 1- The Battle At Weeping Lake!

See the Mini-Map?
See where I am? (Center)
Everything LEFT of that was on our side.

The enemy had retreated back to the “Secure Zone” cause we totally killed them!
They gave up after Lelouchi (Lvl 89 and my Guild Leader) and Khalystan (Lvl 89 and my Vice Guild Master) showed up smiling.

Espada was the real enemy there.
Enforcer (Lvl 91-92 and Espada’s Guild Master) just couldn’t win. High lvl or not, he got wooped!
I killed 2 people there.
First was railm0. (JOY!)
I was sooo glad to kill him. I had a personel grudge against him for the last 30+ levels!

And I caused the death of one of the captains.
Now, the ENTIRE battle took place in the air. Deleas (an Espada Captain) was getting owned by me so he jumped off his flying device and was gonna land on the ground and retreat.
Course.. there are monsters down there and he didn’t relize that till a lvl 72 StyxShrew killed him.

Immortal won the last PK war that day.
And man did they brag…

RIGHT! Moving onnn…

Here’s a funny video!


Now. One thing Perfect World has that Maple Story doesn’t is EVENTS!

Everyday at 11:15 PM (EST) you can enter the “Snake Island Horse Race”.

Picture 2- See the Red Text? There can only be 5 winners each race.
See my name? BOOYA!
The red texts appears in EVERYONES chat box throughout the entire server.
So everyone knew I won >: D

I’ve actually made it in the top 5 there for the past 4 days!
Today I came in 3rd.

Kk, next up.

Picture 3- This is a boss in “Holy Hall Dungeon”.
Can you say, “Little Drummer boy on Drugs”?


They make you a Zelda boss monster!


Picture 4- This is me and xBlueish from the guild just.. posing.
I was making hits on her.
Was funny.

Grimno- “heyy blue.. your looking so very makey outey tonight.”
Blue- “shhhh”
Grimno- “what you say we go back to my place for a drink later?”
Grimno- “Thats Grimno. G R I X T O A W the number 7 the letter Q! GRIMINANANANAN”
Blue- “…”
Grimno- “But you can call me Mr. Hot-Bod Handsome Face Man”
XKwisite- Rofl

The next picture is a boss we had to fight.






He killed me in one hit
Did some move and a HUGE axe came down from the heavens and hit me for 5600+ damage while the heavens themselves chorused “THOU HAS BEEN OWNED!”
Not really.
But it did do that 5600+ damage and kill me.

Also, I hit lvl 72.

And thank DRAX (Guild Commander) for breaking me.

I now PK players

In fact, with yesterdays and todays total. I killed about 17-19 players.

Good times, good times.

Ok, that’ll be all.

*Holds up Fishing Harpoon*


~Grimno (It puts the clicker on the like, or it gets the hose again)

P.S.- I murdered an Espada Grinding Party.

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  1. (It puts the clicker on the like, or it gets the hose again)

    Did you translate that into Korean and back or something?

  2. RussetAure said: “

    (It puts the clicker on the like, or it gets the hose again)”

    Did you translate that into Korean and back or something?

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