a rant about everything haha

Today was alright, not to many people ksing people…especially me.
I really wanna be level 40
Only 6 more levels to go… so finally i decide to start training which is odd if you’ve known me long enough.
Since i rarely trained only a few monthes ago, in the summer i would level once every 3 weeks or so =O
Yes i know that is very sad. x]
So i’m in channel 1 which is also very odd because channel 1 has a billion hackers and I go to Sleepywood.
I wondered if I could kill a golem…yea i died haha.
But before I died there was this lvl 8 mage there and I was like WHOA.
There was a golem coming towards us, *no hp pots left* and i died. The mage however did not.
YES so then is when I discovered she was a hacker!
Of course she could of always had high dex, but even a person with high dex gets hit sometimes but she did not die!

After my huge issue with losing my hard earned 5% i went back to Hennesys to look for a friend, sadly she disconnected beacuse of the huge lagg in channel 1 (i missed her =O). So bored out of my mind I went to train at Hennesys Hunting Ground 1, too find a thousand low levels and about 6 high leveled people. I was killling green mushies when a DK comes and ks’s me haha that was funny.

After I downloaded the new patch for maplestory I was like I wonder what they put in new besides 4th job?
I got on the nexon website to find out they had put PIGS into the game. RIDEABLE PIGS. Wow I really wanted a piggy,
so now I am basically trying to make it to lvl 40 now and lvl 70 in the future. I mean those pigs are kind of silly, and yet I still want one! I heard those pigs make you jump higher too and you obviously run faster ( well techinically “ride” faster)
and jump higher. YES i’d love to jump higher Since I had given up on making a Sin… i’ll never get haste D=

well that is all =D

4 thoughts on “a rant about everything haha”

  1. Well, just don’t miss the pig with the pot? XD Pigs are not much use for mages; tele is much faster. And technically it’s free too.

    AND you can’t use pots or cast skills or do much at all while riding.

    @ipod: I’m not sure about the version of Maple you’re on, but I go to Ludi in MSEA and buy loads of tickets at 10k each. They’re useable as long as the destination is Orbis. ^^

  2. And if you miss the pig with the pot, you have to pay 20 mil more to buy another pig! In other words, ticket prices from Ellinia to Orbis=80k now. NOT KIDDING! And why won’t my Maple0004 pic get posted?

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