Maplestory Sadness

lolz.. living in hong kong with the timezone GMT +8… when i play, no one plays.. my basil trades r gonna rot soon o__o lolz… the only solution: package system. But.. i don’t think ppl r gonna trust me with it yea? lmaoz.. oh well, i can only play during night time at my place when everyone else is either sleeping or doing wtsoever lolz, and everyone else plays when im sleeping o_O.. lolz… life is hard O____O lol jkjk =]!! I tried asking my other friends to help me.. but they hav the same problem as me.. wt else O_O?? P-A-R-E-N-T-S.. lolz XD!!

Having a friend who started a lot later than u lvl faster?! woot =__= lolz… life is so unfair.. O_O i only get to play like… 1 to 2 hours a day and he gets the whole night =.=… different parents lolz… *stares at the sky*

o_O ludi pq has this annoying glitch in stg 7.. lolz.. my friend said that nexon did it on purpose (woot O___O) to promote CPQ and to punish smugglers o___o which i dun reli get lolz….

Happy Mapling =]

PS. WOOT I HAV A FRENCH EXAM THIS AFTERNOON!! o__o… i hate summer courses =__=

11 thoughts on “Maplestory Sadness”

  1. I’m at Taiwan yo

    I can play with you, but like, we play different things lol

  2. Isn’t it better, you can hog all the maps to yourself! 😮

    And you can always stay up real late or wake up real early. It’s all about determination and concerted effort.

    And I do wish you didn’t spam three blogs in a row. ><

    Welcome to MMOtales.

  3. Iepiat said: “

    SilverFx said: “stay up real late”


    Mommy saes nu

  4. Ask your mom if you can go on at the tymes you have to trade. If she says nuu, then get your FRIENDS to go on when THEY sleep.

  5. vicelin said: “Hey, I’ve got a solution to your problem: DON’T USE BASIL.”

    o_o lolz, well its kinda tempting when u see an item u wanted for a long time being put as an auction, so yea

  6. rtkid1234 said: “. . . . You do this “O_o” alot.


    its my signature move lolz o_o,

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