Uhm… Hello!

Hello my names Dante and I decided to make my very own MMO Tales. In hopes of making new friends and writing my experiences in maplestory

I’ll see if I ever get back to this, hopefully.

My Mapleday was just like any other for the most part. Trained, chatted, scrolled.
Went from 44 to 46 on my new cleric. I can’t wait to be a priest only a few more weeks Q(^.^Q) my friend Cutie uses that smiley I absolutely love it.

Today I scrolled an 8 m. att 4 int 45 hp Stolen Fence, preparing for himes already!
I scrolled my 15 int 3 slot sauna today with a 30% and it broke I was so sad! I didn’t even know 50%s had come out. How odd that they’re the same price as 30%s you’d think people would be like “OMGSHOMGSH 50%s!!” but to my understanding no ones been really exited about it..

I decided to try my luck and scrolled another sauna, this one was 5 Luk 9 Slot already. 1 70 worked, 30% broke.. Just not my day today I guess.

/&quot_(” okay byebye ~

8 thoughts on “Uhm… Hello!”

  1. Oooh
    Go into more detail with the lvleling please
    Thas all I would want more from this bloggy
    And maybe some screenies

    Nice blog anyways and Welcome to MMOT

  2. Wowch. Btw, welcome to MMOT *cough* *crazy nuthouse* *cough* Anyways, how’d u level so fast? =(

  3. Welcome

    the 50% is just a typo -_-, it’s still a 30%

    honestly, you should have come to this conclusion, yourself

  4. Welcome to MMOTales! I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer. Is your name really Dante like DMC’s Dante? Because that would be sweet.!

    -=The Nazgul=-

  5. Why does everyone keep thinking MMOTales is a place for talking about your adventure in massively multiplayer games? It’s not!

    The true purpose of this site is very very very very ebil.

    Why? Because MMOTales stands for = Mental Monsters of Terrism (that drink)ales. Yep. That’s why the creator isn’t here, prowling about. He’s somewhere far, far, away doing ebil stuff.

    Your friend Cutie? Say, is this Cutie a female or a male? Mehehehehehe . . . .

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