Well today i dropped all my good equips in the elevator to Korean folk town today and i thought it would be funny to drop some really expensive equips and have all the noobs in the elevator run after me(they tried but gave up) so i had all of my good equips and cool stuff dropped such as Maplemas lights and tree,Nocturnal staff(1mil),red white and blue rose,100k of mesos, and red whip(stupid thing to do.)Then when i dropped all of that stuff the elevator ride stopped and i was outside and so i checked my inventory it was ALL GONE. so i rushed to the elevator and it wasn’t there. I basically fell to the floor and cried my ass 0off i hated it i wanted to die and quit maplestory. But i got my hopes up my leveling and became a lvl i got my ass into gear and did some hard ass quests and was gonna make 5 mil to get ALL my stuff back. I was determined dammit.
fooly……….ahhhhh i want my mommy

11 thoughts on “Screwed”

  1. You should have given it to me. I would have kept it and treated it nice. Until I sell it for 50% more than the value.

  2. Why do people drop things that they want?

    it’s stupid

    Also, considering you were on the elevator you didn’t consider that would happen?

  3. Dude,i dont drop my stuff and have noobs running to them.
    I trade and show people my stuff and they go WOW >D

  4. If someone was there, I guess you’d have a reason for dropping your crap.

    However, if you were by yourself, you should feel great considering how you just portrayed yourself as a moron (from what I read on your blog). Luckily, it wasn’t anything insane. You’ll get that back in a few nights. Good luck!

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