I was wondering what a quick way to make mesos is…i really need it so message or e-mail me at ps_gamefreak AT NOSPAM and ty.
also i was wondering why profi3l wont send me a e mail validation link so i can be a member. i keep asking them to send it and im even checking the box for it it just wont send me it, i even tried to make another account with a diff. e-mail…..still didn’t work. can i have someones opinion. plz message me or e-mail me from the e-mail above. thank you


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  1. I think Ganzicus should be the new mod >.<. We need somebody. I’m real close to quitting. -.-

  2. Either do the level 40 quests that give glove attack scrolls, do LMPQ or kill Sakura Cellions.

    Now, please delete this blog, as questions are to go in comments or the forums, instead of pushing down blogs that have actual effort placed into them.

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