Well as i logged on my mage today, my friend asked me to help him, so i said yes and told him that i would help him on my archer. As i logged in my archer, i tracked him and found he was in the ant tunnel, so i quickly went in there and told him to party me. After that he invited his bro into the chat box. His bro immediately began cursing at me because i had previously gave him a dark scroll for weapon defense which he had used on his archer and it destoryed his LEVEL 15 top. He blames me, well i told him that it is written right there that it can destroy your item, he said it didn’t. Well the entire argument continued with him cursing at me and me calling him a noob and eventually saying i could report him for cursing at me LOL. My only regret is that i didn’t record the argument, even though i had fraps on. Well another pointless blog has been created.

5 thoughts on “stupidity”

  1. That’s when you punch him in da face and scream, “I’M MORE BEASTIN’ THAN YOU!”

    . . . That’s what I do.

  2. lolololololol D

    hes a noob for not knwoing that <.< and freakign voer such a low lvl easyfind equip xO


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