ArberMS dead, Nexon’s massacre.

A sad day today for all players of ArberMS. The server was closed down at 6PM where I am along with the forum. LocalMS was given a warning too, and has to be closed down within 14 days I think.

Why? Nexon why? First OdinMS, now ArberMS and LocalMS, stop your effing massacre. Nexon has just killed my summer plans, what do I play now? I know you are all saying good job now you can play outside. I can only go outside for so long and I need something to occupy most of the day (8 hours or so). I am never going back to stupid MapleGlobal.

Why don’t they killl DagonMS? Its ranked #1 but it sucks. Nexon doesn’t kill crap I guess =D. Its got me so pissed off and I want to sue them for copying so many things…

15 thoughts on “ArberMS dead, Nexon’s massacre.”

  1. Meanwhile, my crappy computer won’t even play the game very well, and I’m on the Bellocan server.

    Just play something else, for crying out loud. Yes, Nexon is stupid, but there isn’t that much we can do about it.

  2. Ganzicus said: “

    DarkFroggy said: “You’ll get no pity from me.”

    Failed Ike quote.”


  3. Look on the forums.

    Down. Down.

    See that MMOTMS playground thing?

    Stop angsting and read it.

  4. ^^^

    And. Eww. Did you know that almost every private server is based on the SAME rev with only few modifications + custom drops? So most Private Servers, unless they have a team of coders, will probably be mostly the same.

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