Whoa, lyke zomg.

Hey everyone ;o forgot about me yet?
80% – Yes
20% – GTFO NUB.

I’m still super busy, as usual. School is a drag, and although we’re already halfway into March, there seems to be no end in sight for SKOOL. This means we have what, two months left? No wait, three months left. *brain shuts off* Crap.

My Maple life has almost died completely. I’m spending most of my time now either doing hw, or waiting at the login queue for OdinMS, only to be booted out once I finally get in. >.> I haven’t been on since the 0.49 Patch for GMS, but I’m thinking about going back. I’m deciding whether to leave OdinMS (and its 8x exp, 8x drop rate, and NX-less population) for good. It’s been kind of at a standstill, because recently the OdinMS GMs decided to shorten the login queue by closing down the registrations. There were some people in the forums that left a few messages like “OMG I CANT REGISTAR” and “what GMS WHY YOU HAVE TO CLOSE REGISTRATION NOW” and I’m just sitting here going A-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Here’s a funny story: I think I just got effing conned. I was so desperate for NX that I even sent $50 over to a friend in Canada, and SOMEHOW the money ended up “missing.” Plus, to make things even more suspicious, she hasn’t talked or texted me in almost 2 weeks now, and I sent the money over about 3 and a half weeks ago. Remember orangiee? Yeah, THAT’S who I sent the money over. Mhm, I couldn’t have sent it over to someone else who lives any farther away. Anyways, don’t worry about the money, I can just work a little bit of overtime to make up for it. Of course, now that the U.S. is in a so-called “recession,” $50 will soon be worth close to 50 cents, Canadian. I think I just got conned. No, seriously. And you guys are just sitting there going A-ha-ha-ha-ha. Lmfao. Okay, shut up now.

I’m still undecided about changing from OdinMS to GMS, or if I want to stay in OdinMS for a little while longer. Still no idea tho. :[ Btw, my spearman on Odin is now level 50, so these next 20 levels will be TOUGH until they release 3rd job.

I think I’ll finish this blog by describing a picture, just found it randomly.
So anyways, you guys can check out the pic, I’m too lazy to do anything anyway. Those of you who hate cartoonist blood, please look away D:


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    Eh, well. That’s an awful load of cash ‘missing’. ><

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