Viewer discretion is advised…

Hmm, so this is my first blog ever for MMO Tales..

According to the title, little kiddies and Michael Jackson’s playtoys should beware, as I often tend to use bad language (ooh what a dirty mouth I have)

So. Introductions.
I’ll introduce myself first..

Soo mmkay. Yeah, I’m Lance, and this is my first-ever blog for MMO Tales. (almost misspelled it “blow&quot
I’m 15 years old, live in Southern California, in between L.A. and San Diego. I have a 72 sader and a 82 ranger, both on Bera. I don’t go on Maple too often, but I have played for almost 2 years now. I’ve taken a few weeks’ break here and there, but I pass my 2-year anniversary of Maple during the summer :]

I just recently got back to Maple, after getting hacked for the fourth time (you’d think these hackers would at least give me credit for living through it), and losing over 15m of items this time.. I sorta lost patience and quit Maple. Back then, I thought my Maple life was done for, but when one of my good friends, Benny, told me he was quitting.. I asked if I could use his account. He said sure, and I ended up holding onto his 82 ranger. After thinking about going back to Maple for about 2 months and discussing it with my friends on MSN, I decided to go back to my sader.

I log back on to the account, and when I log on, I see this flurry of messages:
And so on..

Then I realize. Oops, I left my stuff in Benny’s ranger.

That’s pretty much my story. I’m still trying to figure things out with training and all, but I’ve lost many auctions from Basil due to auction “snipers” (who wait till the last effin’ 5 seconds to bid) and I still need a Doombringer to train.

As you probably noticed, I like to organize my paragraphs and write un-l33t. It just makes me a more civilized person. I’m a real neat freak, but only on the computer cause I hate cleaning up after myself (especially my room and doing chores, eww.) I’ll probably only write a blog 3 or 4 times a week, cause I have a bunch of schoolwork + year-round sports + my social life (which kinda contradicts my Maple life..), but I’ll definitely fit all my crap into one huge, monsterish-sized thing. Yes, I said THING.

Anyways, it’s getting late here (almost 12:45 as I finish up my blog) so I think I’ll head off to sleep soon, after I leave my coffee cup on the computer table. Okay, there. Left my mug there. *Still not cleaning up after myself*

Peace everyone,

9 thoughts on “Viewer discretion is advised…”

  1. Lol, I don’t clean up after myself either!
    3-4 times a week is way more than what everyone else does!
    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!

  2. XD I like your blogging.

    That, and that you also have a ranger. Rangers are sexeh. <3

    Welcome to MMOtales~ *lobs a happy muffin*

  3. Can’t blame me, it’s 1:03am, and I still have to work on my presentation.
    I rather have muffins. *chews*

  4. Lol. I just came back home, on the last train too. Had to keep trying to stay awake so that I wouldn’t miss my stop. =P

  5. SilverFx said: “XD I like your blogging.

    That, and that you also have a ranger. Rangers are sexeh. <3

    Welcome to MMOtales~ *lobs a happy muffin*”

    Ahhh! Why are you always throwing me around?!

  6. ‘Ello. I’m Dest1, the resident retard. If I ever say anything to offend you, remember, it wasn’t my fault.

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