~Heya Guys~

Hey guys my name is Ellinia. I’m 14. And yes I am a girl. I over heard these people talking about this site. So I went to investigate.

Detective Elli?

What else can I talk about…


Oh I live in Montreal. *hopes she isn’t alone* I have a lvl 50 bandit. Who’s name I will not tell untill I clean out my buddy list. Haha, so yeah… I barely train nowadays. I just spend my days in FM or in Henesys(?)


I’m a semi-preppy girl. Like I wear things you see the “popular” girls wear. But then I hang out with girls that listen to music like: Iron Maiden or something.

Kinda wierd….

But don’t get me wrong though, nothing’s wrong with being, a preppy girl every once in a while.

Sorry, just wanted to see what that looks like

Uh… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say this.


Have to relive the childhood moments you know?

So that’s it a guess…Hope this isn’t TOO short. Tried to talk ’bout as many things as possible, without giving away personel info *shifty eyes*

See you guys ‘n gals later <3


15 thoughts on “~Heya Guys~”

  1. Welcome aboard the MMOTales experience! Uh, there’s something about cookies and orange juice in the lounge.

  2. Oooh, a girl you say?

    Aww . . . Montreal. No PSTers. I’m still alone. I dig preppy girls.

    Welcome to MMOT! May I be of service? I can show you around.

    EDIT:NUUU! Cheeze you beat me, you DAIRY PRODUCT!

  3. Hey, quit your bickering about being the only PST’er. ‘Cuz, ‘yknow, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people here from California. I’m the one wondering if there are any MST’ers. D:

  4. Of course there aren’t any PSTers. The only PSTer here besides me, was mochii, but he/she is long gone. And he/she lived in the O.C.! DO YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE THAT IS TO WHERE I LIVE!? (I live there.)

    Now I r saddened. T-T

  5. Dude, it’s almost impossible to find any ONE person that lives in the same state as me. Half the people in the U.S. don’t even know that Montana’s a state I bet. D:

  6. Oh really? I think just eat the cookies then.Since I don’t think my stomach will take the OJ combo very well. Haha

    As for you Froggy, you can be of service. Can you tell me certain commands that are used in blogs. Example the big blue line thingy-thing?

  7. [header][/header]

    There’s also:


    [divider2] (even though they’re the same)

  8. Hiya there! Welcome to MMOT. I live in Montreal too. D.D.O. to be exact. Please tell me that your in the Lester B Pearson School Board. If so,
    *booty shaking dance* if not, Do you go to Queen of Angels? For those would don’t know, it’s a all-girls school A.K.A. HEAVEN!


  9. Thanks for the help MasterCheeze.

    I live in Roxboro, and that’s my school board. I’m not smart enough for QoA haha.
    I guess it’s a heaven for most males huh? What is it the short skirts they have there?

  10. It’s okay Froggy, you can help me by telling me how to type a blog out while meeting MMOT expectations.

    Don’t get any ideas Nassanei.

  11. Yey!

    Okay, okay. So basically all blogs must have to do with MMOs, hence the name, MMOT. Another rule that is generally accepted by the community is that the blog length should at least exceed past the bottom of the ‘Most Recent Blogs’ section. All blogs should be neat and orderly. (as in proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.) And that’s about it.

  12. Hmm passed the Most Recent Blogs eh?
    Guess I’ll have to make sure something good/bad happened that day. . .

    Thanks Froggy <3

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