Okay, earlier today, my friend Kelly said that she was talking with PirateJing in FM, and PirateJing being one of my idols,
I rushed my butt to the local Free Market.

I thought that maybe he would ignore the noobs, and not talk to any of us, but i was completely wrong.
Turns out he is a really cool dude, and super nice. (He says rad alot, haha)

Its always been my dream to get into the “Pirates Of Windia” guild, and now that I was starting to talk to PirateJing, I finally thought this could be my chance to get in. I was guildless going into the Free Market, but going out, was a different story

“Guild Invite From ‘PirateJing” balloon popped up in the right corner of my screen. I couldnt explain the excitement that I had.

But I guess, Pirates has faded away some, which me a little sad. Since PirateJing doesnt play that much anymore, it went kind of dead. But theres NO way I’m gonna let it die.

I’ve waited this long to join, and now its gonna drift away? Not a chance.
I’m gonna do my best to get everyone to help revive Pirates Of Windia! I’ts a legendary guild, and it should stay that way.

Many of you agree? I hope so.

P.S. Huge thanks to the guild invite PirateJing! (Not saying real name on blog)

Happy Mapling~

3 thoughts on “Pirates!”

  1. -screams and falls down-

    OMG NO FAAIIRRR D; hes my idol too! but even tho i have him on messenger i get too girlishly squealy to say hi D=

    yes im lame

    and if i wasnt in applepie’s guild id beg u to let me in and help T.T


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