Welcome to MMO Tales

Welcome to MMO Tales! Please excuse the paint while we put on the finishing touches and work out all the kinks. MMOTales is a site for blogging about your virtual life. Did you finally hit level 50? Tell us about how excited you are. Did you find a special weapon you’ve wanted for ages? Let us hear about it. Do friends and family look at you weird when you start talking about weapon scrolling? Fear not, you’ve found a site where people will not only understand, they’re waiting to hear about your adventures.

Oh, a few things I should tell you. When you submit a blog, it won’t automatically show up on the frontpage. In order to get on the frontpage, other users will have to rate your blog well. This is motivation for you to write the best blogs. Use proper grammar, punctuation, make it interesting, make it clear. Before you know it, you’ll have a group of fans that are waiting on pins and needles for your next exciting blog entry.

59 thoughts on “Welcome to MMO Tales”

  1. i <3 this idea, its so creative! itll also be helpful for training tips and etc. =]

  2. Very original and creative idea. Props to the person with the light bulb on their head that created MMO Tales

  3. This is a great idea. I doubt many people would have thought of this, let alone, make it happen.

  4. Great site This is a wonderful place for people to tell about their in-game stories, ideas, and happenings. I’ve been waiting for a site like this. I gotta let some friends know about this.

  5. Seriously sweet.

    I remember seeing this when only one post was present.

    And hardly anyone liked the blog.

  6. Haha, we need an ac to get this to 20k views.

    I was one of the first people to approve this (Not this account)

  7. my first blog was only 10 days after this o.O

    i coulda swore MMO was up before april 28th o.O

  8. i never saw the first blog before!

    (so many people. . . .so many veiws. . .)

  9. It’s not like the captain needs any more likes… He doesn’t come here anymore.

  10. Waz the point of bumping this? o_o

    I can’t believe this only got three pages of comments. ;_;

  11. DELETE IT! But what if she doesn’t and chappie-chan sees our comments? Ahh. . . he’s not coming back

  12. I haven’t liked this o.o

    omg im helping captain get likes by liking his blog with this account ogmogmog

  13. This blog has a depressing amount of comments to it. I mean, it’s the very first blog of the site and like, wtf, it only has four pages of comments. COME ON, PEOPLE! This shall be our new habitat of exchanging pleasantries.

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