Stop Crying Your Heart Out

I feel bored right now, so I decided to write this short story. You may recognize a few people in it. Besides, I wanted to get this out of my system before I leave for St. Louis in like, holy crap two hours!

Btw, Sorry if this is awkward or offensive to anyone in any way . Props for those who guess right the characters.

The title is such a good song.

Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Naz walked down the dusty, acid-polluted streets of Kerning City underneath the horrid purple clouds. The misty drizzle was cold against his skin as he made his way through the bustle of citizens. A distant rumble of thunder permeated the quiet air. Naz shook his wet bangs out of his eyes and hailed a taxi. In an instant, a yellow cab pulled up to the curb, its passenger door swinging open in welcome.

As he stepped into the dimly lit taxi, his mind wandered off. Closing the door and giving the cabby the directions to Lith Harbor, Naz rested his head on the windowpane and just stared out into the urban jungle at the passersby. Their faces were a blur in the rain streaked window, and soon, gone all together, replaced by fields of lush green grass. In the distance, Naz could see glimpses of the ocean come and go through the trees.

The cab ride was quick enough as Naz paid the fare and stepped out into the rainy streets of Lith Harbor. The drizzle had strengthened into a light storm, but Naz paid no heed to the weather. His silvery eyes stared straight ahead at the tiny white house. Behind it, the ocean roared like a gentle giant, its waves crashing down upon the white sands.

“815 Oceanic Drive…” Naz repeated to himself quietly as he continued to stare at the house, his feet unwilling to bring him forth. “815 Oceanic Drive…”

Unexpectedly, his right foot heaved forwards. Naz’s heart gave a great leap and started to pound out of control. His breathing became erratic and shallow. However, with great agony, he made his way to the doorstep. The storm was full blown now, the gale force winds whipping at his hair with fury. The rain lashed out at his skin like knives. Even Mother Nature was furious at him.

Naz reached out for the doorbell, but hesitated as his finger hovered centimeters away. What if this was all wrong, what if this wasn’t supposed to happen? What if he was never meant to see her again? If he was really defying fate by doing this, what good could come out of it? The rain continued to pound the earth, to pound his decision. Naz sighed in despair and rang the doorbell.

He could literally feel his heart pound at his throat, threatening to burst out. Footsteps suddenly made their way into Naz’s ear, making him forget completely what he was going to say when the door actually opened. The footsteps paused right behind the closed door. They were separated by an inch of wood. It had been too long…

Slowly, the white door creaked open, revealing her slim figure in a pair of faded blue jeans and white tank top. Her blonde hair did not follow the gale, but rather swayed gently as if in a mere breeze. Lyn’s crystal blue eyes contracted in shock.

“Hey,” Naz managed to whisper, trying to find his voice. Even after all these years, she still looked beautiful beyond belief.

“Hey…” Lyn replied quietly, her eyelids blinking as if Naz were an illusion.

Naz smiled and looked away. He was still standing in the pouring rain. Though the water was cold against his skin, he suddenly felt warmth surge over his body. He turned his head back to Lyn’s shocked face, “Let’s go for a walk.”

“What? Now? Are you crazy?” Lyn demanded harshly.

“Maybe. Let’s go.” Naz reached up and pulled her arm into the rain. Surprisingly, she obliged and followed.

The wet sand was spongy underneath the soles of Naz’s shoes as they strolled along the beach. They were quiet for a long time, just listening to the rain pound onto the waves that crashed down beside them. A rumble of thunder, not too loud, spread across the grey skies.

“Why did you come?” Lyn asked as she walked beside Naz. Her tone was expressionless.

“I… I needed to see you.” Naz replied, not looking at her. “It’s been so long…”

“Why did you go in the first place?” She demanded, more angrily this time. Lyn had stopped walking. Her hands were balled into two tight fists.

“Lyn you know I had to…” Naz started but was cut off.

“But you left me, you left me alone!” Lyn cried, the anger morphing into tears, “It wasn’t over for me!”

“Lyn please don’t cry…”

“You just, left me!” She repeated those words to deepen the wound in Naz’s heart, “Do you know how much I thought of you? How many sleepless nights I’ve endured just crying my heart out for you? Begging you to come back? Do you know how much you hurt me?” Her tears mingled with the rain on their way down onto the beach.


“Naz, you… Argh! Just leave, go away!” She stomped her feet angrily, sending up a spray of wet sand, “Go and never come back! I hate you!”

The last words struck home, the final push of the stake into Naz’s throbbing heart. Naz sighed and gave her one last look. Even in the drenching rain, her skin seemed to glisten. Her blonde hair was wrapped around her face angrily, yet she was so beautiful. Though her lips screamed for him to go, something in her sapphire eyes begged for him to stay.

Naz looked away and said quietly, “I’m so sorry Lyn, for leaving. You won’t see me again. I’m sorry I even came.” And with that, he turned and walked away, leaving her standing alone on the beach, crying her heart out.

But then, something in the back of his mind snapped into place. He had come too far, sacrificed too much for this to happen just to turn away at the last second. Naz halted and whipped around, only to find Lyn running up to him, her tears streaking behind her.

Naz caught her in his arms and folded them around her body in a tight embrace. Her hair smelled of fresh strawberries even in the drowning downpour. Lyn’s entire body shook as she buried her face into Naz’s chest. He could hear brief sobs rack her chest in broken intervals.

As the wind started to blow harder, Naz’s hand moved up to stroke Lyn’s blonde hair. She looked up with her beautiful azure eyes; Naz could feel the warmth overwhelm him once more. Lyn stopped shaking.

And slowly but surely, Lyn tilted her head up, placing her lips firmly against his.

-=The Nazgul=-

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  1. The story sucked me in!
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    It was neat and original.

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  4. What’s good about this is that I can really picture the entire scene in my head. D:

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