I hack…..?

According to the GameGaurd it says I hack



Someone IMed me on Trillion(Aim program) and it booted me off saying “An attempt to hack was made blabhlahblah”.

I was like. . . Waa Daa Foook. Ive been on Trillion and Maplestory hella times and it never booted me out.

THen I tried exiting Trillion and play maplestory. Booted me off AGIAN, that tiem I Alt+CTRL (Jump and shoot arrow), I was like. . . . Ive done this plenty of times so I guess i gotta stop.

Third time it just booted me off when I logged on.

Gamegaurd is being a tard right now. IM EFFIN 89%%%$#%

I r lvl 25 yayyyy

I got 9 red envelopes. . . .All 1k each.

That is all for today bye

5 thoughts on “I hack…..?”

  1. legit is 4 squares

    hackz 4twlolol


    I’m sorry about the Gamegaurd problem. Restart computer maybe?

  2. pft maple always does one of those to make sure u dont get lulled into the security that maple actualyl WORKS lol


  3. I think that means that someone is hacking u. cause i sometimes hack with another account(because i don’t want to get my my main acc. getting kicked out,that would suck like hell!)and i never see that sign only when im playing with my main acc.!

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