[LordIsaac Mini-Comic #7]

Greetings, bloggers! Today I present to you my 7th Mini-Comic! It is unfortunate that my NX cash items has run out, leaving me with an egg-shaped helmet and horrible armour.


Short blog? Yes.

6 thoughts on “[LordIsaac Mini-Comic #7]”

  1. Note to self: Wearing apple hats is a bad idea!

    ~LaZzz. . .(You betta not delete this blog! I gots a self note in here!)

  2. Nonono, I was using the Bamboo Hat because it matched/looked good with my snowboard, keeping me from using the Nordic Helm, which had a much higher defence but looked HORRID. So once I was uglified by my expiration of NX item, I decided that if I looked really crappy for my top and bottom, I should probably match it by wearing a really really REALLY bad helm. And Red Duke would just cover my face and hair, killing the whole reason of getting NX hair and face, =D

    You don’t have to read all that. But too bad. =P

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