Rawr – undecided-

So, last blog we spoke about which class I would make my new character. I’m pleased to say that it’s been narrowed down by 50%. I am now trying to decided between bandit and fighter.

Care to help me narrow it down some more?

Here are my reasonings for/against bandit.
~ I’ve always wanted chief bandit.
~ Fast attacking speed.
~ Savage Blow and Assaulter.
~ I already have decent equips for it.
~ I liked my other bandit, but its stats got messed up.

~ Very common class.
~ I would have to invest in claws and stars for a while, as they greatly improve training at the early levels.

Here are my reasonings for/against fighter.
~ I’ve always wanted a crusader.
~ Hero’s are supposedly powerhouses.
~ Nice skills.
~ I haven’t seen many female crusaders in my 2 years of playing.
~ They have faster attack than spearmen, and DK supposedly sucks in 4th job.
~ I have a Glowing Whip that is just begging for usage.

~ Warriors are fairly slow.
~ I have no warrior equips that I can use.
~ Hard to get into KPQ and LPQ (In my experience at least).

Does anybody have anything else to add that my sway my decision?

I hope to be able to create the character within the next few days. Unfortunately, time has been tight lately, and I have been bogged down with homework. I usually don’t get home in time to really be able to dedicate myself to much game time, so I just leave it for another day. The name is still being decided.

I’d also like to thank everybody who commented last time. I often write comments back to you, so be sure to check them out. I was certainly surprised that I received so many on my first blog. It makes me feel optimistic about this site!

I’ll leave you with two screen captures of what I’m supposed to be working on right now. MMO obviously caught my attention and these homework assignments were neglected. In my defense, I did get a ton of work done on them, but I couldn’t dedicate all 3 of my free hours to mapping.

Program: ESRI’s ArcMap
Map: Thailand and Cambodia

Have fun! And be in awe of my awesome cartographic skills. They had to be saved as a .gif due to the file size. Don’t blame me for the horrible colouring that resulted.

~ Arisu ~

11 thoughts on “Rawr – undecided-”

  1. Being a Bandit sucks if you are poor. Especially at a high level.

    Unless if you can be patient enough and train at same low level place for over 10 levels, or a good trader that can earn a lot from scrolling stuff and such, you can only dream about exploding mesos and do all the cool stuff like in youtube.

    Bandit burn a lot of pots and mesos. That’s the major reason for people quitting this job, especially a fresh newbie.

  2. Eecha: I have over 100m sitting on my account, so I’m not worried about funding. I also have plenty of stuff to sell of still. As for the training, I’m sure that I wouldn’t be stuck in the same place for too much time.

    Repty: Thanks for the info. That’s actually something that I didn’t know.

    Eon: That’s a great guide. I flashed over it last night and found it really helpful. I think you’ve officially swayed me into trying out a fandit. It sounds like an interesting thing to try out.

  3. Pic doesn’t work.

    Make a page. Warrior elixir > Rage, thus Threaten > Rage. And elements are cool

  4. Bandits. =D If you want something that will sway you, message me on DaggerAlloy in Scania something. XD And bandits aren’t that common, there’s a huge bandwagoning of fighters going on now because of Brandish and such. >_<

  5. To make up your mind,

    95,341 damage with takayaki with a lv EIGHT assasinate.6 seconds chargeup.

    41,691 damage with cid,with a lv 10 boomberang.

    42,592 damage with a lv ONE assasinate.6 second chargeup.do note assasinate is a 4 hit skill,in this case beacause the mob aready died within the 1st 3 hits,therefore the 4th hit will be displayed but no damage will be delt.Oh,and it is not eazy to ss a 4hit ass properly.

    Able to 1hit ko (with critical) gunboss with cider at lv 126,with a lv EIGHT assasinate,6 second chargeup.
    If you want details about the skills,check out my msea forum thread about fandits.under the skill bit,with pictures!


  6. Haha no probs,though the guild is incomplete though.
    Two things though,its not eazy getting a good scrolled fan (which is wa 1xx) and its best to convert into a low dex when u are about 4th job.
    Unless you got godly kickarse shyt.

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