Question for the majority

I’m in desperate need of someone to explain to me internet culture and Maple.

I’m obviously missing something because I’m not sure how many times I’m supposed to laugh at pies, cookies, muffins, tacos, Chuck Norris or find “hawt”ness to be ironic. Maybe I’m a hypocrite but I’m not sure why people make the same jokes over and over and never get tired of it.

The way people behave on Maple is really getting to me. I don’t know why every single girl thinks it’s cute to act like what we would call in real life skanky. It’s so unclassy. Girls play the “I’m so cute!” thing to the point where it’s just disgusting. I swear if I see any more “o.o” or “:3” or “O.O” or any more attention hoaring tactactics I’m going to quit Maple for good.

Well, actually, I’m taking a mental break from Maple. I’ll be online but I won’t be there. I’m not sure when I’m going to play again. I just have one last message to all the “I’m so cute” attention hoars out there: Cut the crap. It’s not cute, no one cares, and to be honest if you’re 15+ and still pulling that crap, you must be SEVERELY repressed in real life or just… so sad to the point that you gotta do this every two seconds: “o.o *huggies*” or “*:3 *kisses*”

If you can’t see how pathetically slutty that seems, I don’t know what to tell you. Everything revolving around Maple is becoming trite.

If you’re still laughing at overused internet jokes like the words pie, cookie, cake, nachos, bananas, tacos, muffin, any wapanese or japanophile phrases and or actions marked with “-” or “*” (i.e. *falls over in a face plant* or *big sparkley eyes* KAWAII!) (people the Japanese are superior to no one, we’re all as good as each other get over it and despite what Gwen Stefani thinks Asians are NOT novelties and accessories, I don’t even want to know how much she paid for that fobtastic posse), any assortment of random animals who are stuck into the joke but have no purpose being in it, etc.

Use of the word “emo”. Recently, I’ve gotten into more than one argument about the definition of “emo”. Most of those being that it was “a wimpy version of goth rock”. Goths didn’t exist past the 90s. Emo isn’t the same as power pop and pop rock. Anything to do with darkness, depression, crappy bands and really feminine men is irrelevant in emo. The definition of third wave emo does no justice to the horrible culture brought upon by the “emo-core” scene. It does no justice to the original D.C. hardcore roots. People are too quick to believe the internet, MTV and myspace.
People are too eager to call something (even if it is as horrible as 3rd wave “emo” or as I call it “powerpop&quot “gey”. Sure emo has to do with emotions, it really had to do with anger, not sadness, not crying. And since I’m pretty much bored of talking about this, the following are power pop, post-hardcore, pop-rock or general rock: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, P! ATD, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, and any other band with side bangs, striped hoodies, skinny pants and ovaries that happens to play sappy music without an ounce of hardcore.

I’m sure most of you wonder why I have to be so pretentious about this.
It’s not to look like I’m into more obscure stuff, it’s not to look like I’m “scene”-er than thou. More or less it’s because people overuse the word negatively. People have a choice in how they act, but acting in shallow, selfish reasons and tagging on the word “emo” pretty much makes everyone look bad. Peope have the ability and the right to make their own decisions when presenting their personality. It’s just a shame that emo has to be associated with such an immature, shallow and extremely hypocritical scene. As soon as people can start acting how they want to and not just to fit into a made-to-sell “sub-culture”, I’ll stop ranting about the same freakin’ thing.

Feel free to argue since I pretty much insulted or pointed out most people on the internet.

I’m just extremely curious as to how people could LOVE “randomness”… Yet, what’s so random about the same 5 things repeated over and over?

(btw, if anyone knows more than 3 real emo or indie bands, I’ll sooooo buddy them and give them my mesos when I quit for good which will probably be soon).

I wanna do this.

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  1. Lol, I make the x] and all those faces all the time, but I can’t stand the girls that go to random guys/girls and start like, sexually harassing (flirting, they call it). Those people I punch in da face. x]

    And, my favorite pair of jeans are skinny jeans, and my friend came up to me today and she was like, “Do you know how EMO you look?”

    . . . uh, no.

    *pat pat* It’s okay. The community is bleh.

  2. I have like uh 5 pairs of them ’cause I wear boots a lot, but I mean like guys who wear REALLY tight skinny pants.

  3. relax, guy! you’re just not screwed up like most of the mor0ns you see on maple. Yeah, words have been written cheaply than properly, and the facial expression things [ex. or big excited smile) seem to be the way people express themselves.

    O.O means wide-eyed or surprised. The O is the eye and the period is the nose.
    o.O is when the person is confused or feeling awkward and the o.O is similar to raising one eyebrow.
    XD is when the person is jolted with excitement. Think of the X as both eyes shut tight and the D is an open wide mouth screaming.
    -.- probably means sad or somewhere around there. Again the period is the nose and the dashes are closed eyes.
    T.T or T_T this one took me along time to figure out haha. The Period or underscore is the nose and the tops of the T’s are closed eyes. The vertical shaft of the T’s, i think it
    it is sweat from massive awkwardness or tears, I am not to sure. People use this when they are dissapointed. Same as -.- I think,
    Some times I see [T.T] completely stretched out like this: T______________________T. That just means the same thing, only over exaggerated.
    is a smiley. everyone knows that and this is a sad face.
    ^^ probably means polite smile or it can mean an excited face. The “^” represents the eyebrows.
    When you see something like >D (same as XD), try to imagine a picture of the person’s face.
    Oh, and if there’s quotation marks next to the expression ( like this: -.-&quot that just represents a drop of sweat running down the side of the face.
    Yeah, characters sweat during awkward or disappointing moments in Anime TB shows. The T.T thing probably comes from anime too.

    :3 The colon I think is eyes and the 3 is a tongue. Person is sticking his or her tongue out, or it could be a butt with two uranuses I dunno haha
    <3 is a heart.

    Spelling words differently (wrong) seems to make people sound cooler as it slightly changes the sound of the word in your brain as you read it.
    “Hot” and Hawt” can sound the same but the w in hawt makes it sound funkier.
    Spelling with numbers or symbols like this: c4sh 1t3m (cash item) or 1337 (what the hell does this spell anyway?) or 8008135 (boobies),
    Either people purposely do that to make it sound cooler, or they are just trying to get whatever they are trying to say around the
    blasted swear filter. Cash Item, or even c4sh 1t3m; Documentry, and shoe are all blocked and have to be spelled differently.

    As for cookies, pies, tacos, Chuck norris, I dont really get it eaither. Chuck was a martial-arts athlete and movie/TV star I think, and he assisted presidential candidate Huckabee. I don’t care too much about chuck norris jokes, even though they sound kind of funny to me.

    Yeah, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, yuck! Trying to be all hardcore and singing lame sappy crap. None of those bands got played on the rock station in my city. So emo and gross. Bunch of posers, spreading lies and messages that make young people more superficial and snobbish and they follow the guidelines set out by these wannabe artists when it comes to judging other people. Do the kids even think by themselves anymore or is it some new religious indocterine. YUCK!

    *vomits and gets puke up nose*
    /| (that is an arrow pointing up)
    japanophile phrases, never really bothered me,
    and DAMMIT even culture is commercialized and put up for sale!

  4. Lol, I know all of the above, I just mean the faces are overused and used wrong for cutesy purposes.
    Also, Chuck Norris is Walker Texas Ranger, no more, no less. Personally, I used to wait for his show to end so I could watch Martial Law.
    And also “emo and gross”, what you think is “emo” probably isn’t. =/
    It’s just another one of those wrongly overused words.

  5. Walk up to them, yell out an obscenity, and do F6.

    I used to do that, and then those “slutty” Maplers walk up to me and flirt with me.

    I find it funny

    But yeah, it gets annoying.

  6. Scyne said: “This. . . this gets a like and a half. I’d give you TWO, but it just can’t be done.”

    I want to log onto my other accounts and give this five likes, but I don’t think that would be wise.

  7. o.o

    ^Have you ‘sploded yet? Maigawd, I think I have.

  8. In terms of language and hyperbole usage, Maple Story is more than centuries behind.

    Heh, I feel the same exact way. Just disregard those childish (and old) remarks and try to have fun.

  9. Metrolink said: “In terms of language and hyperbole usage, Maple Story is more than centuries behind.

    Heh, I feel the same exact way. Just disregard those childish (and old) remarks and try to have fun.”

    It’s not so much the language usage, seeing as I’m suprised people on Maple are literate at all. I’m sure that centuries ago people wouldn’t have half as much trouble with language use (not sure how hyperbole use fits in there) seeing as how there was no such thing as “nubz” in 1908. hehheh It’s more the inane jokes and how trite and overused randomosity is.

    Real men listen to: link

  10. Oh no no.

    Then there are these girls who talk liiike dhiishh, cos aiiiee aimme shhhoo cutee, and tell people ‘Dunnch follow miie luhhs’ when they are dropping their entire inventory all over the place to show off. Then they turn around and follow these other people when they seem them drop valuable equips.

    I’ll take ‘O.O’ over that any day.

  11. Hmm. I got nothing against emoticons or *insertactionhere*. 0_0

    Its all a matter of your own choice, hey? *pokes mushrooms in a corner*

  12. I don’t mind the emoticons when people use them correctly. The problem is that they use “o.o” after, before and to respond to EVERYTHING.

    Also, no matter how they express their “oh-so-cuteness” they make it very obvious that they get little or no attention in real life.

    I learned this from my job:
    The cuter they think they are, the more likely it is that their parents, teachers, siblings and friends ignore them. That or they are horribly spoiled to the point where they get too much attention.

    Don’t frigin quit on me
    I’ll friging spam you with all the “o.o” and whatnots if you quit
    Tis a frigin promise

  14. Eh, I won’t quit, I’m just not talking to anyone who annoys me. I mostly talk to like, you, mark and joe now.

  15. Like what they said , I use those stuff but yeah it’s only when i find that words can’t express what I want them to know . You might want to make it slightly more clearer who you’re targeting about in case people get the wrong idea yeah ?

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