Anyone that I’ve apparently sent messages to (with the exception of people who had received responses that seemed rational), anyone I’ve called a dork or goofball or creeped out: It’s all Cheeze’s fault. That crazy ego-maniac was having a little fun on my MMOT account.
Granted, he gets away with it only with charm, charisma, etc. If not, I’d beat the Amish out of him. YOU HEAR THAT, CHEEZE? I’m gonna give you such a pinch…

Uh, while I’m here I’ll make an update, I guess.

I said that I wasn’t considering a Pserver at the time in my last post, but maybe an hour later I was desperately trying to figure out how to get on SMS. To be honest, it wasn’t me missing the game so much as it was me missing the people I could stand to play with. It seemed that everyone conviently gathered on one server.

After I figured it out an hour later, levelled to thirty 1.5 hours after that (lag and disconnection), got the hair and eyes I wanted, couldn’t figure out how to get clothes, I realized that I wasn’t actually having fun. Having been away from Maple for so long I didn’t realize how much there was to catch up on. Also, having been pretty far away from the community for a while, I wasn’t up to stalking people (I’ve been much less bold). In fact, the only remotely close instance where I met anyone to do with MMOT was when I read a S’Mega that was asking if anyone from MMOT was online. I replied and the person told me they were Dee’s sister or something.

Which reminded me of how much of a craptastic guild leader I was. I think it’s safe to boast that at some point, I lead a guild with the most number of MMOT’ers in Maple Global’s Windia. Unfortunately, it was just when I quit that Dee and Dest had joined, Ganzicus was present for a week and I think Cheeze logged on once.

Quick WoW update interruption:
-Finally stayed on ONE character
-Got it to level 21
-Got a succubus hussy that enjoys going “OOOH!” and slapping her backside
-Died only 4 times during the succubus quest. Twice due to enemies 10+ levels higher than me, twice because some assclown Night Elf Druid killed me at a spot with a Spirit Healer every time I resurrected. The guide refers to this as “Graveyard Camping” and that guy was truly an asshole.

And, uh, back to my previous topic:
I suppose the reason I emphasize the fact that I’m fairly distant from the Maple community in general is because I think it’s a fair reason for me to explain why I highly doubt whether I will ever post further blogs. MMOTales is mostly Maple blogs. I’m very sure that I will never have the same amount of interesting anecdotes in WoW as I’ve had in Maple Global. Blogging about Maple, people in Maple and friends from MMOT that I’ve stalked, guilded, harrassed, and/or traumatized on Maple was fun at the time but it’s very irrelevant now. Most people on this site who quit Maple also quit blogging which I can now see is pretty reasonable.
I don’t write fanfic, I don’t draw or make comics/edits, I don’t play Maple and I honestly and regrettably haven’t been able to keep up with people and their Maple lives and otherwise. I see no reason to continue blogging at this point (which is not to say I’m leaving since I enjoy reading people’s blogs).

In conclusion (as well as to summarize):
-It was Cheeze, I swear!
-I don’t know what’s going on
-WoW destroyed my eye sight
-And that’s how I saved the planet from colliding with Mars
-I’m most likely not going to blog anymore
-If anyone plays in Gurubashi on WoW and would like to help me with quests, I’ll VERY much appreciate it.
-RIP Camu Tao

15 thoughts on “Onion”

  1. Wut? The only other MMOTalers that I got access to their accounts on were Gujju and Darkie— not yours. I didn’t do anything! D:

  2. MasterCheeze said: “Wut? The only other MMOTalers that I got access to their accounts on were Gujju and Darkie— not yours. I didn’t do anything! D:”

    Not since i changed my pass

  3. gujju said: “

    MasterCheeze said: “Wut? The only other MMOTalers that I got access to their accounts on were Gujju and Darkie— not yours. I didn’t do anything! D:”

    Not since i changed my pass

    Oh, is that why I couldn’t get on your account? [/asshole]

  4. Your extreme schizophrenia is oddly appealing.

    And by “your” I mean “my”

    I can’t tell you how many times I choked on Polly Pocket when I was a kid. . . OK, last week.

  5. Lol, uh, I just had to think of filler ‘cuz I posted the comment (two up) on your account, and yeah, it was meant to be on this one.

    Not that I’m saying I have access to your account or anything


    that is all.

  7. I can’t leave my server! T_T
    My primary source of funds (BFFbutt) is in Guru. D=

    You get your whatver using butt to Guru!

  8. SilverFx said: “Ha. Pinch Cheeze for me too, kthxbai.

    *rides away on bicycle*

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