Farewell, mein lieber herr.

It was a fine affair, but now it’s over! And though I used to care, I need the open air, you’re better off without me mein herr! (<-Liza Minnelli for those of you who can tolerate Cabaret)
Relevant?! I think not.

… And before I knew it, I’ve quit!
Gone cold turkey. Didn’t need to replace Maple void with any other MMO, didn’t get too busy with school (I still have hours upon hours of free time which I mostly spend online shopping for crap and sucking at Brawl and by sucking I mean owning on Ness and failing on everyone else).

Basically, I’m bored again. I don’t want to play MapleStory. I have no desire to even log on and I will be letting people play on Djien once I move her valuables (valuables are valuables and I can still trade these for favors, ego strokes, etc.).
I tried again to download World of Warcrap but it either gets stuck at 23% or 29%.

I love what bulls-t comes out when you announce you quit! I don’t log on for weeks and no one thinks twice about it. Even when I am online, people don’t notice, don’t say much and as soon as I say “It probably won’t be me on Djien anymore” they think:
a)It’s not me, Judy, but someone who hacked and logged onto my account
b)Time to kiss my ass to get my account
c)Time to kiss my ass to get my items
d)Boo hoo she’s gone, even if she is on MSN 20 hours a day (choochoobeep@hotmail)
e)Good riddance, she’s been such a jerk lately (to those who openly said this to me, you got balls and you rock)

But as for hypocrites: People who played that little “I’m gonna quit, boohoo! Cry about it so my ego can expand!” who when they hear about OTHER people quitting say “Well, whatever, then they should just leave, it’s their choice, they’re being dramatic”.

These people are the very reason why I’ve quit. These people make me beyond sick. They crave online attention to fill their lack of development. Who’s fault is it that they’ve never stopped being egocentric?

Contemplation on the END:

That was such a waste of time and money. I funded that giant Kart Rider billboard in Times Square. How STUPID is it that they advertise a game that wouldn’t bring in any money?! HOW STUPID IS IT NOT TO ADVERTISE MAPLE BUT KART RIDER?! DUDE!
Maple is like crack for the socially awkward!

They should advertise it as such. Times Square gets a hell of a lot of people traffic and I believe 1 in 3 are awkward preteens-teens-twenty somethings.

Quote of the hour:
“Ugly people should date ugly people so the good looking people go to waste.”
I love the American population. If they don’t judge you by looks, they judge you by what you do. Too bad I’m so-so with no job (for now).

My cellphone ring:

byebye find me on msn.

16 thoughts on “Farewell, mein lieber herr.”

  1. “Maple is like crack for the socially awkward!”

    LOL true that
    Ya i pretty much hit that stage of maple. after reaching 74, and accidentally uninstalling maple from my computer last night, i lost all motivation to play maple- the 2xp tickets are waay to expensive, and i cant even go in the new CPQ >.<. To regain my interest, nexon seriously better get their crap together and make the game as interesting for people 7x-9x and higher (it has to be as exciting as it is for people doing KPQ, LPQ, and LMPQ, you know, the exciting range between level 21 and 69.

  2. well maybe quitting ms is a good thing because one day everyone will be lvl 200 then after the gms ms will shut down make another mmo game with the millions of dollars they made with the cash card or they will just reset everyones char to lvl 1 lol o.O

  3. The last time I logged onto MS, I was owned by the new GOPQ. D:

    But at least I spent most of my time talking about Brawl.

  4. I log on, and I found out you were leaving.

    Bad way to end a day (like, two days ago).

  5. Now I always have to make this decision
    Should I press the “I like this blog” ona quiting blog, because I like the person and I like the writing but I dont like the quiting, which is the focus of the blog.

    I will miss you, you funny Master Cheese mocking woman you!

  6. I never really got why people say quitting cold turkey. Like i know what i means, but i dont know why? XD

  7. NOOO~~~

    Well I quit maple longs ago. . .

    What’s your msn anyways? I din’t find it.

  8. @ Nobody: PRESS LIKE. I didn’t quit this site, I quit Maple. It’s like saying I quit crack. I need a medal for quitting it. lol, My quitting Maple shouldn’t affect my “writing”.
    @ Ganzi: No, I can’t! It’s being a dirty, dirty skank.
    @ Kairi, hun: ChooChooBeep@hotmail <-easy to remember lol

  9. -gives medal-

    awww im sad u quit but happy u havent quit as in IM NEVA GONNA SEE YOUZ AGAINZ!

    -hug- ill still miss seein ur name on maple tho =/ yay for MSN! =D


  10. >_>
    Oh whell I guess it was expected you were getting kinda p/oed at MS anyways.
    Still you will be missed no more then anyone but me on Maple and that’s a promise
    I gotta run studying for Math compy Saturday and Tomorow but I’ll be on Yahoo
    Cya Dj gl with everything else
    : D

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