[Anima] 1P #5: WMD’s.

You thought I was going to say my usual line right? Well you were right.

I’m on your frontpage, knocking your blogs down >D

Alright, I’ve been really busy lately. Sorry for the lack of 1P’s, I’ll do my best to make more. Untill later,

Sayonara~ (Thanks Impy)

5 thoughts on “[Anima] 1P #5: WMD’s.”

  1. One panel comics.

    A good one-panel has a clear statement, usually are ironically humorous or sarcastic humorous. There’s even so-bad-that-it’s-good humorous and direct humor.

    As for your comic.
    I don’t see a point, even if there is a point. I don’t see it, and I’m sure many others might not see it as well.

    Here’s what I suggest you to do, or if you don’t take suggestions, don’t read it:

    1. Think of something humorous and something that’s clear to the point.
    – It doesn’t matter if the idea was from another source, because doing so creates a parody of something. (Which is just as good)

    2. Think and check to see if you have the pictures to create your image.
    – Even Ganz, me and some others make a comic, we may not have the available pictures possible to create the comic. Which is why some people go for similar pictures and pixel-edit them.

    – This also applies for backgrounds. I prefer blank backgrounds if it was intended.

    3. Make your comic and have others to read it.
    – Ask questions
    >Do you understand the comic?
    >What specific thing or part is not clear to you in the comic?
    >Do you see the point of this comic?
    >Do you think others will comprehend the comic as easily as you did?
    >What do you think I need to change?

    – You see, you don’t just make any random comic. You have to make sure the readers would understand. Even if they might not laugh, they will understand the humor of the comic in their mind and still have the slightest smile.

    Some of Arladerus’s comics were []breally crappy[/b] and weren’t funny and some of them were (No offense, man, some of them suck so much.)

    Your comics aren’t funny anymore, and I know that people just click like for the hell of it.

    A typical person I’m talking about said: “lol i dont get it but whatever
    i’ll just click like anyway”

    Ganz’s comics before were funny. Plain, short, and funny.
    It isn’t anymore, man.

    For realz.

    I hope the reader understands my logic of comic making..

    4. Submit your work lolz

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