Serial KSers need to be jailed.

Most of my precious day was spent playing Secret of the Solstice. I find myself playing that game more often because I can easily alternate between chatting and hunting.

I spend the first half of my playing time selling things and advertising my store. While I’m in the middle of a chat, I notice somebody PMing me. Some guy is spamming me with, “cool GIV ME BAK MY MONEY.” I’m like, wth and I tell him, “I don’t have your money.” He then explains to me that he bought an item from my store but he wants his money back because he found the same item but cheaper in another. And I was supposed to give him back his money because I was cheating and scamming. Scr3w that! It was a legit sale! It not my fault he didn’t check out all of the shops first. Since I refused he continues spamming me and calling me a n00b and a scammer. I get tired of him and switch characters.

The second half of my time is hunting. I level up all of my characters. Unfortunately, I ended up being hindered by some girl (or guy, you never know) who wants to RP that we’re twins. (What a big coincidence, there are only like 3 options for hair and hair color) She/He wanted to stop every 5 minutes to rest and for some reason I had to rest with her/him. While we were resting, she/he wanted to talk about how wonderful it was that we found each other. -_- For once, I was glad that I got disconnected.

I go on my mage and I end up getting followed around by a couple of KSers. The thing about SoS is that KSing isn’t unusual. Especially since it’s easy to accidentally click on the same target as someone else so nobody makes a big deal out of it. The first KSer was somebody who wanted to party me because he thought my name was cool. He sends an invite and I decline. He sends another. I decline again. I go to explain to him that I can’t party because I’m kind of AFK. what, I can’t type. I look up and see yet ANOTHER invite on the screen. Decline. Decline. Decline. He says to me, “Party me.” I tell him, “No” and hit Enter. I’m about to explain why and there goes ANOTHER effing invite. I decline again, then I quickly go into the Options and click the DECLINE ALL PARTIES box. I tell him, “STOP INVITING ME.” Him: what *walks away* WTH was that about?

The second KSer came much later on in the night. He was very much like your standard MS KSer. I think he was an Thief too (go figure, huh?). I am in a particularly strong area for my level. I can beat the monsters but I have to heal after every fight and mobs will kill me. Most people in that area are in the same situation as I. Since the monsters have a tendency to mob people, most players either make a mad dash or stay near the safe area (the exits and entrances where nobody can attack or be attacked). So I’m there fighting this monster and I see this guy walk up and stand near me. “Ok…” I thought and I keep fighting. I get the monster down to low health and he KSes me. what. I take the benefit of the doubt and tell myself, “Ok, I guess he thought I needed help.” I fight another monster and kill it without incident. However, I notice that he’s still nearby. I go to another section of the map and he’s in my screen again. Whatever, ignore. I kill a monster and I notice he runs over to the item the monster drop and stands next to it. Lol he’s trying to loot me. Since it was my kill he obviously can’t for a few seconds. I pick up and run off in the opposite direction. But he’s following me. After he KSes me a few times I ask him to stop. No response. Ok… He keeps following me without a word or any action and all of a sudden, KS. D: I ask him, “COULD YOU STOP KSING ME??” He responds with, “lol” but he doesn’t yield. So I let him KS me and it nearly got him killed. I would hit a monster and then he would hit it after me which would change it’s aggro to him. =D Before he could kill the first monster, I was already started on a second. When I would see him coming, I would run the other way and hit ANOTHER monster. Of course, idiot see, idiot do and he ended up being chased by three or four monsters he obviously couldn’t beat on his own. Haha, owned, noob.

The rest of my gaming day went without any more trouble. I leveled, got tired and now I’m here. Yey.

After this is real life stuff. Feel free to ignore it if you please.

I got a call from one of my old best friends. Apparently, someone was prank calling her and for some reason they made her think it was me.

I was tipped off by another friend of mine. She signs onto AIM and tells my friend to tell me “something.”

her: she wanted me to tell you something
her: i told her
her: that if she wanted to tell you something
her: she should tell you herself
me: ?
me: huh? o.O
me: lol
her: i’m not her ********* answering machine lol
me: lol

I was kind of shocked because we haven’t talked since last fall and that didn’t go too well. About 10 minutes later I get a call from a private number. I don’t answer private numbers so I ignored it. A few minutes after that, I get a call from a familiar number. I answer it. She gives me the same speech she gives other people she’s screwed over and then tells me to stop calling her. I’m like, “I didn’t call you. I don’t even have your number anymore.” She doesn’t believe me and she tells me, “Umm, okay. I just wanted to tell you that because it’s childish (she’s the last person to call someone “childish” when she can’t even tell the truth to people’s faces most of the time) and I just want to be left alone…” So, I tell her again, that I didn’t call her, I have no reason to call her, and I don’t have any reason to speak to her either. I don’t know if she believes me or not but she says, “Oh, okay. Sorry. I thought it was you.” Then she tries to make some uncomfortable small talk. I just want to get off the phone. It was funny to believe that I was talking to the same person I used to tell all of my secrets to because now I couldn’t even tell her how I felt at the moment. All I could say was, “Ok,” “Yeah/No,” and “Fine.” We hung up very quickly after that. Relief. Later on, I find out from my friend that she thought it was me calling her because the person who was prank calling her used the nickname I used to call her. I’m like, “Ok, wow. That was dumb.” I was kind of pissed because she didn’t tell me that. However, I do admit to pulling some pranks on her but I haven’t done it in months. I don’t know why she thinks I would still do them after all of this time. -_- I hope she never calls me again.

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  1. Jailed, and deprived of muffins too. >>; I guess he was just trying to steal some EXP huh.

    Sounds like you had a horrible falling out with your old best friend. . . ><

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