Pay It Forward! ~MMO Style~

Welcome to another exciting installment of The Mating Rituals of Pre-Historic Animals.

Just kidding.

I kind of felt bad for saying I would update about The Coven’s next raid. I don’t like lying so I’ll update about it right now.

We lost.

And horribly, I might add. We had more of a turnout that time. 5 or 6 of us showed up. We got really excited and over-confident.

We were directed to go raid a faction a few squares to the east of us. But when we arrived, there was no faction to be found. Apparently someone got them before we did. Bummer.

After a quick break, we decided we would keep going east to raid a faction called, The Pharmacists. They had a few petmasters but we figured that since our power is OVER 9000 (insert Vegeta here) that we could take them.

Well, this is what happened.

*ward is smashed down*
“Ward down! Go! Go! Go!”
“Oh holy sh–they’ve got like million pets in here…”
“Ok, just go for the pet masters first.”
“Uhh…I don’t have enough ap.”
*I get a hit off of one of the petmasters*
“Oh hay. I took 10 points off of him…Maybe I get this one at least. Oh what th–Dead? Like 5 pets attacked me at once?!”

Later on, one of the active members broke down our ward and killed a couple of our members. Boy, did that suck. What sucked even more is when they raided us later on in the week. I wasn’t in the faction at the time (luck or fate???) but it still sucked.

Since then, I haven’t really had the chance to raid at all. I actually fell asleep and missed a couple. At the last one, I had to get off the computer 15 minutes prior to the raid. I felt like crap when I woke up in the morning to check what happened and someone said, “We would have done it if we had one more member there.” ( -.-)

But really, I don’t think I’ll be participating in any more raids. At least not until I get a little stronger. I am pretty useless when it comes to raiding. I’m considering starting my character over. I probably will since I wanted the First Aid tree. But whatever.

Let’s see…in the MMO world…

I’ve given up on Flyff. I just can’t play that game anymore. Something about it makes me want to shove my head into the ground and scream. I’m not saying that the game is bad but it’s just not for me.

Within the last month, I’ve played Maple Story twice. I probably gained a total of 20% experience. Playing has become kind of a bummer because I suck so badly at handling my balance of potions and money that I’m near broke. I put some money away for a rainy day and I’m considering using that. I probably need to train on weaker monsters if I want to get anywhere. The advice my friend gave me when I started out echoes in my mind: “Only train on monsters you can kill in 3 or 4 hits.” Right now, I’m training on monsters that die within 10 to 11 hits. And you know, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Especially when I go into the shops and I see 100k+ equips and I have like 30k. Other than the whole money dilemma, I’m concerned about my guild. When I logged in the other day, I saw a guild full of “?????.” My friend, the guildmaster, refuses to go back to MapleStory because the game looks fruity. I’m actually paraphrasing but that’s pretty much what he said. He’s beating up robots now. My other friend never logged in much anyway. Every time I log in, I notice that we are always down one member. Everybody else seems to be inactive. Some people I haven’t seen log on since last summer. Others never. At first I didn’t mind the guild being the way it was because along with my friends, there were at least 2 or 3 people that logged in every so often. I guess I really don’t have any use for a guild. I’m not very social in games and I definitely don’t like going out of my way to follow someone else’s orders. I guess I’m still in there cuz the name looks pretty under my avatar. lol

Speaking of guilds…In Perfect World I left MagicianZ. Remember the guy who was inviting everybody and their bffs? It seems that after all of the people he invited either quit or was kicked, he decided to leave too. I was kind of glad that the other person who asked for Second in Command privileges was kicked because I don’t think a new member should be asking for rights like that. Personally, I thought the whole “Higher level=higher privileges” thing was a bad idea because there is a huge chance that it can backfire on everyone. I’ve seen it happen in other games. Anyway, he left shortly after the mass baleetion. After that, the numbers started dwindling. The guild wasn’t active at all. The only active people actually left early on. When I left, there were only 6 people in the guild. ( -.-)

Ahh, right. This is where my blog title comes in.

One day I was training on some particularly aggressive monsters. A guy and his party mate comes in my area. They were chatting about something and then they start training on the monsters. I notice that one of the guys was having a hard time so I go to heal him. But he dies. I think, “Ahh…too late.” but then I remember, “I have Resurrection!” I thought he would have respawned while I was bumbling over my skills and trying to find Resurrection but he didn’t. I took that as a sign that he wanted to be revived. While I was charging Resurrection, I started to get attacked. He was revived and I tried to fly away but for some reason (this is one of the things I hate about PW) my skill didn’t activate. So I tried to quickly heal. Instead, I died. The guy I revived was still next to me all of this time. He was an Elf Priest like I was and he was around my level and since I revived him, I asked, “Haha could you revive me?” The guy spreads his wings and flies off.

Boy, did I feel stupid. Nobody ever pays it forward anymore. =/

A Perfect story in pictures:
Another day in Perfect World where I do nice things for people who don’t appreciate it. I find a weird lady who seems to be confused about my gender. I was nice enough to thank her for confusing my circle for a square. Just for her I go into the depths of the Ancient Dragon City river to find a cold underwater bull ghost doing nothing. Why this man turned into a bull is beyond me. Since I leveled up, I decided that I wanted to use a piece of equipment I had been saving for a few levels. HP and defense for an Elf Priest? Oh hells yea!! I excitedly adjust my stats like so… And then, Complete failure. Headdesk, headdesk, headdesk. I spend a few minutes with my face buried into my cold, hard wooden desk and then I decide that I must partake in more epic failure. I take to the skies to find something strong and devious. After a quick buff that does nothing. I began my assault. Which did nothing. I died so hard that even after I revived, I was still dead. All in all, the day didn’t end too badly, really. I eventually recovered and I managed to even see a boy and his overweight, long snouted horse. A Perfect day, indeed.

Real life stuff…

I got my new phone. It’s pretty nifty and cool but it’s not as nifty and cool as my old Nokia. My mother got a Nokia and I’m kind of jealous. >.>

My grandmother’s in a nursing home. She’s angry about being there and she’s bored as heck but she’s doing well. I haven’t seen her recently but I heard she looked better. She had a strange rash and it seems that it’s going away. She’s back on solid foods…well, more like soft foods…after being fed through a tube for a couple of weeks. She’s happy about this but she wants to have her big meals again. Haha.

Last week, I did something that I have never, ever done before. I sincerely apologized to that friend I fell out with last year. It was kind of on my mind for a while and I kind of felt like I’d regret it if I didn’t correct my mistake so I went out on a limb and apologized. I thought I would get cursed out but instead my apology was accepted. Yey~ This isn’t going to be a continuation of our friendship from last year but at least it’s not a bitter war. I just find it funny that the same person who said I understood her more than most people now feels like a stranger to me. Then again, most people feel like strangers to me. Even after knowing them for months so yeah. Haha.

Incidentally, on the same day, I decided to break off two of my friendships. Or at least take a break from them. I felt like both of them were being disrespectful and inconsiderate to me. I told one of them about it. He apologized and promised not to be that way anymore but then he acted that way again… I ignored it for awhile and then I explained myself. I thought he understood but after he disregarded my words for the umpteenth time, I have had it. That night I found his behavior very obnoxious and rude. Somehow, I think he thinks that kind of behavior is cute and/or attractive but I don’t like it. It’s actually uncomfortable. Especially knowing the way he thinks. He probably doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. But anyway, I wrote him a very serious letter and told him that I wasn’t really comfortable being his friend anymore. I don’t think he’s a bad person. I think he needs to do a lot of growing up mentally. I can tell him the real deal about some things but with his know-it-all/know-better-than-you attitude, he’s better off learning these lessons on his own, like I did.

Now, the other person made me angry after she chewed me out for an offhand comment I made about some singer’s hair. She called me “judgmental.” At the time I just kind of tried to blow it off but when I thought about it and considered the other stuff that happened before, I actually got very angry from everything. We have pretty much opposite views on nearly everything. She’s pretty conservative while I’m pretty liberal. For months, she’s been challenging my views and trying to make me agree/believe in hers. I never said anything about her beliefs (for or against). They’re her personal beliefs. Who am I to tell her whether they’re right or wrong? This didn’t stop her from criticizing everything I believed in. It’s not like we just happened to start talking about abortion, welfare, god, depression, and all of that but she actively seeked to challenge my views. Always asking me about these issues. After a meaningless debate about welfare that ended with us actually aiming for the same goal (but this didn’t stop her from telling me how wrong I was), I decided that I wouldn’t debate with her anymore. Whenever she brought something up, I’d try to take a neutral approach or I’d tell her I didn’t know much about the subject. But I’d end up getting a kind of “I believe this to be true so you should too” kind of lecture. On top of that, I really couldn’t get over the way she mocked democrats after I told her I was a registered democrat. I felt like she mocked a lot of the things I said. Really, I don’t know how she speaks with other people about this but I didn’t like having my views mocked nor did I like being lectured too after I made my point clear. Call it me not being able to take a joke (though I believe I told her this at one point or another) but I can’t really accept that from people after awhile. I probably should have told her this before I sent my letter to her. She apologized but, I got the feeling that she kind of enjoyed trying to prove me wrong. I feel that she’s the type of person that won’t accept anything from people she feels that aren’t “worthy” or “good enough.” Not that she said anything to imply that but I guess I’m just speculating. I might chat with her again one of these days but for now I need a break.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he read some of the stuff I wrote about him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did either.

Will add screenies later. I have a bunch of them from the time I decided to make some for you guys.

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  1. psssh toobad theres no crossovers D= u couldve sicced a balrog on that ungrateful thingamajigger person!

    erm my great granmum was kinda inhte same situation but shes loads better now =D hopes the same for yours! ^^

    i also got a new phone yesterdy on m bday! =D that i payed for myself . . . <.< ah well at least i got it


  2. He would have deserved it too! D:<

    Thanks! I wish the best for your grandmother too.

    Ehh? lol What kind of birthday present is that if you’re paying for it? D: Well new phones are nice though, :p

  3. You need a harpoon for your bday present. That way if you’re ever walking down a dark alley and a whale decides to jump you, well, your harpoon will take care of that .

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