A New Continent Means More Experience

That is the lesson for today.

For the first time in like months (Ok, I exaggerate. Maybe weeks. ), I will be writing about Maple Story.

The other day I started playing seriously because I was at a friend’s house. He has a great Wireless connection so I used the opportunity to gain some exp. Sadly, the connection kept dying despite the fact that the router was like a foot away from us. Nevertheless, I gained about 10% that day.

Today I decided to play but of course, I had to do it late at night so I wouldn’t get disconnected. I uninstalled Secret of the Solstice today because I needed disk space. I played Cabal (more about that later) and around 3 am I logged on to Maple.

I spent about 2 hours in Ant Tunnel trying not to die. D: I gained about 10% from that. Soon I grew tired of jumping around and dodging mobs and headed towards the ship to Orbis. I got the quest to go to Leafre but I decided I would train a little in Orbis before heading there.

Last time I was in Orbis I was around level 28 and I was able to beat the magical seal looking thingies but it was difficult. This time around, I’m level 34 and it’s much easier. I went from around 53% to 70%. =) I haven’t gained that much experience in one go in the longest! It’s nice to have some notable progress for once!

I’m not even done! I have all day to train! That is if my internet doesn’t get all wonky or if I don’t get bombarded by KSers. =( While I was on I must have seen only one or two players. Wouldn’t it be nice if Maple was always like that…? Anyway, the plan is to reach level 35 today. I won’t get the level 35 equips because I want to save money. I have a couple of people holding level 40 equips for me so it should help me out a lot. (Thanks a lot, guys! T^T)

I also noticed that Nexon added a few more changes. The best one is the health and name meter. It’s great knowing how much health the monster has. Finally, Nexon! The names are useful too. One crap change they made is that they doubled the price of arrows. Now I have to pay 2000 mesos for 1000 arrows (More or less). Just because they knew people like me would buy more. :-w Whatever, Nexon.


I’ve been playing that as much as I can lately. I say that because Cabal is always crowded! Last time I was in MMOT, I came across a couple of blogs about Cabal and I noticed people highly praising it so I decided to try it. I love it a lot. I’m still learning about the ins and outs of the game. It’s like a mixture of 21sky and Perfect World. I created a magician on there and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s very hard to play for a long time because it is a very crowded game and I do have crappy internet so I lag horribly. Sometimes it’s gets so bad that I end up force-quitting. Other people have also complained about the lag. They recently added 2 more servers but still…

I’ve gotten a friend of mine to join Cabal and he got his cousin to join. 😮 It’s getting really popular!

At the moment I have a level 15 Magician named HanFuRong (I was thinking of The Rose when I made that character). I also have 3 more characters but FuRong is my main. I have to find a time to do more quests because I hoped to get to level 20 today but I had some serious lag going on. It was so bad that I died around 3 times. =(

Real life stuff

My friend hates the Lucky Star girls. Especially Konata. He thinks she has too much “attitude.” Or as he puts it, “She’s a brat!” Her voice plays (It’s when the opening starts and Konata says, “Sou hajimemasu yo!&quot when he calls and her pic shows up. Haha. Just to piss someone like him off is a treat.

I came across a little something that my ex wrote about me. About how we started going out, and what happened when we broke up. He was really honest about it and said some things that I didn’t know he was thinking. It was like, “Wow. Where was that when we were going out?” I’m like glad he’s moved on and he doesn’t hold any negativity towards me but I don’t like how he made everything seem like it was all my fault. >.> Like I know I had some insecurities but he was always playing towards them which was a big reason why I wanted to break up in the first place. I mean, what kind of girlfriend would want to be constantly compared to the girl her boyfriend used to have a crush on? The thing is, we both had issues. Depression was a big part of it. I wish we didn’t go out with each other and stayed friends but oh well. Cuz sometimes, I do miss having my friend to hang out with. Actually, I miss a couple of friends I had back then. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Time to go back to leveling. >

(No screenies cuz for some reason my computer didn’t take them when I pressed the button.)


Oops. They didn’t double the price. They added discounted sets of arrows. Kekeke… My mistake, Nexon. You guys aren’t THAT bad.

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