A week of hard training

I really started wondering after 31+ why I even tried making a beginner, but my friend gave me a laugh “keep on trucking” so I did as he said, I kept on trucking, trucking my way from lvl 31 to lvl 32, I sat there trained 10% and left, I sat at FM, talking to random people. I had to make friends someway or another, right?

link <- My current stats

I would also like to thank the 3 people who actually posted in my first blog, I appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “A week of hard training”

  1. I like your blog. It is short and to the point.

    And do you mind if I take that siggy generator website from you? It looks interesting.

  2. Yeah

    I had an islander years ago but my naive friend unislanded him

    really made me lose my motivation

    I made another islander but it’s just not the same anymore

    islanders are boring now

    with maple weapons and all that stuff I just don’t like it anymore

    Maybe i’ll continue him eventually

    but right now i’m focused on my bandit

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